Van Gogh exhibition in Budapest

If you visit to Budapest before 30 November in 2013 make sure to visit the Vam Design Center where you can experience a marvellous exhibition named Vincent Van Gogh’s Dreams.

The famous artist’s 200 paintings are exhibited in a special form, renewed with the most modern technic in 3D form. The artist’s most famous paintings renewed with digital technic, so the visitors could see the masterpieces as the artist originally imagined and painted the original colors. The pictures were printed in photo form with the best lights. There are 7 3D animations in the exhibition, and through  them Vincent Van Gogh’s works are become explored again, new stratums and details come to life. The exhibition’s visitors get 3D glasses and with these you could enjoy the amazing animations.

Van Gogh Budapest

Vincent Van Gogh is one of the most outstanding persons of the post-impressionism. The specifics of his work are human’s and creator’s suffer. The impressionists didn’t recognized and laughed at him, but in his paintings there are all the future arts’ signs. He was one of the artists, who became famous after his death.

To visit this exhibition will be quite different from visiting a normal museum, so why not pay it a visit and experience this unforgettable (hopefully) exhibition.

Van Gogh exhibition
Until November 30th, 2013
Vam Design Center