Water Polo championship in Budapest

Starting today and lasting until July 27th the European Water Polo championship will be arranged in Budapest at the Margaret Island.

Water Polo in Budapest

The best nations in Europe will gather together for this tournament, and of course Hungary will be present both among the women and among the men. Luckily we are better in Water Polo than in football, so the Hungarians will have the chance to win the European Championship, both among the men and the women.

The venue for the Water Polo championship will be the Hajos Alfred pool at the Margaret Island. If you want to check out the matches, visit the eventim.hu and buy your tickets there. If you do not have the chance to visit Budapest to watch, but maybe you want to watch the matches online and cheer for Hungary from wherever you are in the world, you can read more about watch Water Polo online in the following article.

Do enjoy the European Championship and Budapest!