Five reasons to join a running competition in Budapest!

There are lots of articles online telling you six reasons to visit Budapest, ten hidden gems in Budapest, seven mistakes not to make in Budapest, and 33 things you must eat while in Budapest. If you eat all those things, you will probably get stomach problems and have difficulty traveling home, but the intention behind it is good! This article, however, wants to give you five reasons to join a running competition in Budapest. Are you ready to be inspired?

Not many think about exercising and running as they plan their trip to Budapest. Instead, they read about the fantastic attractions such as the Hungarian Parliament, the Gellert Hill, and the Castle district. Then they read about those amazing activities such as a river cruise on the Danube, a relaxing bath in the Szechenyi thermal bath, and a wine tasting in a wine cellar or in a wine bar.

But, let us turn things around and make your trip to Budapest even more interesting, inspiring, healthy, and challenging!

Things get better when you invest your time and energy!

It is a well-known fact that things get better and more interesting if you invest. A football match becomes way more interesting if you bet 1 euro on the outcome compared to just watching without anything at stake. If you spend three hours reading about Hungarian history before your arrival you will understand much more when you see the different buildings and hear about the different kings and historical incidents on guided tours, during your river cruise, or elsewhere. In other words, investing time and energy gives you more in return… that is a general principle!

But, what does that have to do with joining a running competition in Budapest?

1. You have a goal with your trip to Budapest!

If you register for a running competition in Budapest you visit the Hungarian capital with a vision. The goal isn’t just to arrive, have fun, and leave, but it is about more. You want to accomplish something. Maybe your goal is to run a 5km race? Or are you coming to run 10k, or maybe a half-marathon or a marathon? There are many possibilities, but they all mean that you need to pack your clothes differently. You need to make space for running shoes, some running clothes, and maybe your lucky drinking bottle.

If you run in a competition in Budapest you suddenly get a different perspective. Your trip isn’t just about consuming, it is about experiencing, giving, and most of all, living!

2. Your trip starts months before you travel to Budapest.

If you come to run in Budapest, your trip starts months before you fly to Budapest (or travel by car, train, or bus). From the first moment, you will start to think about your future travel and prepare for it. As you run up and down the streets of your hometown, as you visit parks, lakes, and mountains to prepare your body, you will have Budapest on your mind. This will give a special focus on your trip, and you will also spend lots of time meditating on what you can expect during your days in Hungary.

New Chain Bridge in Budapest

3. It is a wonderful opportunity to meet with locals!

Running competitions are fantastic. They have a special atmosphere, and it is a fantastic way to meet locals. Many running competitions have after-parties in which you can dance, sing, drink, and have fun together with the other runners. Even though there are lots of internationals partaking in the different competitions, most runners come from Hungary. As a result, it is a wonderful chance to have a chat with locals, ask them about politics, get some authentic recommendations, and maybe drink a cold beer together with your new friends.

Maybe your running experience in Budapest will mean the start of some brand-new friendships.

4. It is healthy, and maybe a start of something new in your life!

Moving your body is healthy. It will have a good effect on your body, and there are many other benefits to running. Did you know that running is good for your brain and for improving your memory? Running releases endorphins in your body, by many referred to as the happiness hormone. Your heart will also be happy to pump blood at a higher pace in your body. If you are brand new to running, you might want to consult a doctor or some other professional before you start, just to get some good advice on how to start training and preparing for the running competition in Budapest.

After running in Budapest, you will most likely fall in love with running competitions. As you return home, it will only take a few days before you start looking for more running competitions; maybe in Budapest or maybe in some other city in Europe? There are lots of running competitions all across Europe. If you like Budapest, you will probably enjoy the city of Prague with all its running competitions as well!

Maybe this is the start of a new era in which you travel all around the world to run in all sorts of running competitions.

5. You get to explore the city while running!

As you come to Budapest, you probably plan to see the most important sights and buildings in the city. Did you know that many of the running competitions take place in the center of Budapest? As a result, you will see the beautiful attractions and buildings while running up and down the streets of Budapest. It is also very common to use the lower roads along the Danube, which means you can enjoy the magnificent Danube panorama towards the Buda and the Pest side while running. If you join one of the evening races, you might even see the magnificent buildings of Budapest beautifully illuminated while running. Believe me, it will give you an extra boost that will make it even better and more memorable to run.

running in budapest
Above you can see a picture from a night running competition by Puskas Arena in Budapest.

Do you feel inspired to register for a running competition in Budapest? You can read more about upcoming events in our Budapest calendar. There you can also get information about concerts, festivals, and other things that will happen in the Hungarian capital in the future.

Full Schedule for the World Championship in Athletics in Budapest

What will happen when during the World Athletics Championship in Budapest? When is your favorite event taking place? Here you can see a full overview of all events taking place during the event. All times are according to the local time in Budapest of the different events.

Would you like to read more about the event? Take a look at our guide to the World Athletics Championships here. Would you like to learn more about how you can get to the Athletics arena? Click the link!

Athletics Centre in Budapest

DAY 1 – August 19


Local TimesexeventRound
08:50M20 Kilometres Race WalkFinal
10:30MShot PutQualification
10:35W100 Metres HurdlesHeptathlon
11:05X4×400 Metres RelayHeats
11:35M3000 Metres SteeplechaseHeats
11:47WHigh JumpHeptathlon
12:00MHammer ThrowQualification – Group A
12:25WLong JumpQualification
12:35M100 MetresPreliminary round
13:15W1500 MetresHeats
13:45MHammer ThrowQualification – Group B


Local TimesexeventRound
18:00XOpening CeremonyUndefined
19:02M1500 MetresHeats
19:05WShot PutHeptathlon
19:09MDiscus ThrowQualification – Group A
19:37MTriple JumpQualification
19:43M100 MetresHeats
20:28W200 MetresHeptathlon
20:35MShot PutFinal
20:40MDiscus ThrowQualification – Group B
20:55W10000 MetresFinal
21:49X4×400 Metres RelayFinal

DAY 2 – August 20


Local TimesexeventRound
07:15W20 Kilometres Race WalkFinal
09:00WDiscus ThrowQualification – Group A
09:35W400 MetresHeats
09:50WLong JumpHeptathlon
10:25M400 MetresHeats
10:30WDiscus ThrowQualification – Group B
10:35MHigh JumpQualification
11:25M400 Metres HurdlesHeats
12:00WJavelin ThrowHeptathlon – Group A
12:10W100 MetresHeats
13:05M110 Metres HurdlesHeats
13:05WJavelin ThrowHeptathlon – Group B


Local TimesexeventRound
16:35M100 MetresSemi-Final
16:55WLong JumpFinal
17:05W1500 MetresSemi-Final
17:30M1500 MetresSemi-Final
17:49MHammer ThrowFinal
18:00W800 MetresHeptathlon
18:25M10000 MetresFinal
19:10M100 MetresFinal

DAY 3 – August 21


Local TimesexeventRound
18:40WPole VaultQualification
18:50W400 Metres HurdlesHeats
19:33M400 Metres HurdlesSemi-Final
19:40MTriple JumpFinal
20:05M110 Metres HurdlesSemi-Final
20:30MDiscus ThrowFinal
20:35W100 MetresSemi-Final
21:12W400 MetresSemi-Final
21:40M110 Metres HurdlesFinal
21:50W100 MetresFinal

DAY 4 – August 22


Local TimesexeventRound
18:40W100 Metres HurdlesHeats
19:20M800 MetresHeats
19:58MHigh JumpFinal
20:20WDiscus ThrowFinal
20:25W400 Metres HurdlesSemi-Final
21:00M400 MetresSemi-Final
21:31W1500 MetresFinal
21:42M3000 Metres SteeplechaseFinal

DAY 5 – August 23


Local TimesexeventRound
10:05W800 MetresHeats
10:15MPole VaultQualification
10:20WJavelin ThrowQualification – Group A
11:10W5000 MetresHeats
11:15MLong JumpQualification
11:55WJavelin ThrowQualification – Group B
12:05W200 MetresHeats
12:50M200 MetresHeats


Local TimesexeventRound
19:00WHammer ThrowQualification – Group A
19:10WTriple JumpQualification
19:30WPole VaultFinal
19:45W3000 Metres SteeplechaseHeats
20:35WHammer ThrowQualification – Group B
20:40W100 Metres HurdlesSemi-Final
21:15M1500 MetresFinal
21:35W400 MetresFinal
21:50M400 Metres HurdlesFinal

DAY 6 – August 24


Local TimesexeventRound
07:00M35 Kilometres Race WalkFinal
07:00W35 Kilometres Race WalkFinal


Local TimesexeventRound
19:00M5000 MetresHeats
19:30MLong JumpFinal
19:45W200 MetresSemi-Final
20:20M200 MetresSemi-Final
20:26WHammer ThrowFinal
20:50M800 MetresSemi-Final
21:22W100 Metres HurdlesFinal
21:35M400 MetresFinal
21:50W400 Metres HurdlesFinal

DAY 7 – August 25


Local TimesexeventRound
10:05M100 MetresDecathlon
10:10MJavelin ThrowQualification – Group A
10:20WHigh JumpQualification
10:55MLong JumpDecathlon
11:45MJavelin ThrowQualification – Group B
12:20MShot PutDecathlon


Local TimesexeventRound
18:30MHigh JumpDecathlon
19:30M4×100 Metres RelayHeats
19:36WTriple JumpFinal
20:00W4×100 Metres RelayHeats
20:20WJavelin ThrowFinal
20:25W800 MetresSemi-Final
21:05M400 MetresDecathlon
21:40W200 MetresFinal
21:50M200 MetresFinal

DAY 8 – August 26


Local TimesexeventRound
10:05M110 Metres HurdlesDecathlon
10:25WShot PutQualification
11:00MDiscus ThrowDecathlon – Group A
12:05MDiscus ThrowDecathlon – Group B
13:00MPole VaultDecathlon – Group A
14:00MPole VaultDecathlon – Group B


Local TimesexeventRound
19:05MJavelin ThrowDecathlon – Group A

DAY 9 – August 27


Local TimesexeventRound


Local TimesexeventRound
20:05WHigh JumpFinal
20:15MJavelin ThrowFinal
20:20M5000 MetresFinal
20:45W800 MetresFinal
21:05W3000 Metres SteeplechaseFinal
21:37M4×400 Metres RelayFinal
21:50W4×400 Metres RelayFinal

Who is coming to Sziget 2020? The first bands have been announced!

The Sziget Festival in Budapest is all about music, about music, and about friendship. Many people come to the festival, no matter which artists decide to come… simply because they love the atmosphere and the community. Others, however, take a look at the list of artists first, and based on what they see, they decide whether the festival is worth visiting in that given year.

So, who will come to the Sziget festival in 2020? The first list of artists has just been released, and here you can see some of the most important names.

Some artists coming to Sziget in 2020

Calvin Harris, Dua Lipa, Kings Of Leon, Major Lazer, The Strokes, A$AP Rocky, Khalid, Stormzy, Lewis Capaldi, Foals, Mark Ronson, Foster The People, Diplo, FKA twigs, Caribou, Kaytranada, Jon Hopkins live, blackbear, Sigrid, Of Monsters and Men, Keane, Glass Animals, Daughter, Clutch, Denzel Curry, Mabel, Loyle Carner, slowthai, Little Dragon, Miles Kane, Tom Walker, Rilès, Floating Points live, Alison Wonderland, Little Simz, Sevdaliza, Jamie Jones b2b Joseph Capriati, Dixon, Bob Moses club set.

Do you see some artists or bands on the list that you would like to see live at the festival? Or would you like to know more in general about the Sziget festival? Check our general article about the Sziget Festival for more information.

Would you rather know more about what’s on in Budapest? Click the link to find out.

Do not forget that the festival runs special discounts for those ordering tickets and passes to the festival early on. In other words, it is wise and can save you quite a lot of money if you purchase your Sziget pass as quickly as possible.

Whose coming to Sziget 2020?

If you want help with other programs in Budapest, maybe with an airport transfer, or booking a brewery dinner? Look around here at for more information and inspiration!

When will the Sziget Festival be arranged in 2020?

The most popular music festival in Hungary every single year is the Sziget Festival. It is arranged in the start of August every year, and it brings about 500,000 visitors to the Hajogyari island, located in the middle of the River Danube in Budapest, a little bit to the north of the Margaret Island.

So far, we know little about which artists will come to Sziget Festival in 2020, but we do know when the festival will be arranged. That is ideal for those who are coming to Sziget in Budapest, not only for the artists, but because they love the festival, the atmosphere, and everything there is about the festival. So, if you are ready to go ahead and purchase your plane ticket to Budapest already in order to have everything in order for the Sziget Festival in 2020, go ahead!

Dates for Sziget Festival in 2019

The Sziget 2020 dates

The Sziget 2020 is arranged between August 5th and August 11th in 2020.

Once again, we do not have information about the artists coming to the festival yet, but we are promised to receive information about it shortly!

Who came to Sziget in 2020?

If you are a fan of music festivals, you don’t really have to worry when it comes to the Sziget Festival. There are awesome artists coming to the festival every single year, and in 2019, the festival brought artists such as Ed Sheeran, Foo Fighters, Florence and the Machine, Post Malone, The 1975, The National, Martin Garrix, Macklemore, Twenty One Pilots, and lots of other artists to Budapest.

Plan your stay in Budapest already

Every year, we help lots of people get from Budapest Airport to the Island on which the Sziget festival is arranged. If you want to book your Budapest airport transfer ahead, go ahead and fix it immediately. Would you like to experience Budapest outside the festival as well? We can take you on a guided tour in the Hungarian capital, let you experience what a brewery looks like inside the walls of a restaurant in Budapest, give you delicious Hungarian wines combined with a wine dinner, and lots of other programs.

Look around here in the Budapest Guide for more information, inspiration, pictures and more!

World Urban Games 2019 in Budapest

The World Urban Games is an awesome event taking place in Budapest from September 13th to September 15th. Would you like to know more about the World Urban Games? Would you like to see it with your own eyes? How to get to the venue for the event? Find out everything you need to know about the World Urban Games in Budapest in 2019!

The World Urban Games in Budapest
The World Urban Games in Budapest

The World Urban Games will be the event of the year in Budapest. It is one crazy event in which you will experience adrenaline, action, awesome speed, stunts, and things you shouldn’t do at home! Here you can watch awesome BMX stunts, you can see people throwing themselves around, down from high buildings, and you can see them performing with a frisbee and so much more.

The great thing about the World Urban Games is that it is a completely free event. You can come to the Nagyvasartelep in Budapest and watch it for free, or you can stream it for free online if that sounds better. But, how can you get to the area for the World Urban Games?

How to get to the World Urban Games?

If you visit Budapest, you will for sure notice the beautiful river Danube. On the Pest side of the river, you will see a tram line. This is, in fact, the most beautiful of all tram lines in Budapest, and anyone who wants a cheap sightseeing tour should take a ride with this.

And yes, it is also the solution if you want to get to the World Urban Games in Budapest. Jump on tram line 2 in the direction of the Kozvagohid. As you get to the national theater (just before the Rakoczi bridge) it is soon time to leave the tram and start walking. As you get to the end station, jump of the tram and start your walk which is less than 1km until you get to the big area for the World Urban Games.

It is easy to get to the area for the World Urban Games
It is easy to get to the area for the World Urban Games

What will happen when during the World Urban Games?

There will be lots of things going on from Friday morning until Sunday evening during the World Urban Games. You can find a full program for the event right here.

In addition to sports events, there will also be lots of concerts taking place. The highlight is the performance of Talib Kweli on Sunday evening at the LIDL stage in the World Urban Games area.

The World Urban Games is gonna be wild!

Put on your seatbelts and get ready for one of the coolest events in Budapest in 2019!

The Christmas Markets in Budapest in 2019

The 2018 Christmas markets are barely over, and already people are preparing for the upcoming Christmas markets in Budapest. But, when will the Christmas markets in Budapest be arranged in 2019?

One of the questions we received most throughout the entire year, is whether or not we have the final dates for this year’s Christmas markets in Budapest. And guess what? We have the dates.

You can start planning your trip to the Christmas markets in Budapest in 2019 already, because the biggest Christmas market at the Vorosmarty square will open on November 8th and be open until the first day of 2020, January 1st.

If you have seen the video beneath which we made in January 2019, you can see that our main guess was an opening on November 8th (or 15th), and the guess on November 8th was a success!

What about the Christmas market by the Basilica?

Budapest doesn’t have only one big Christmas market, the city has two. So, what about the Christmas market in front of St. Stephen’s basilica?

The Christmas market by St. Stephen’s Basilica will open on November 22nd and it will remain open until January 1st in 2020.


It is time to get ready for this year’s Christmas markets already. You can read more about the Christmas markets in Budapest right here. We can also recommend our article with some useful pieces of advice to everyone coming to Budapest for the Christmas markets.

If you should have any comments or questions, please write them down! Would you like to enjoy other programs while in Budapest? You can read more about wine-tasting programs, brewery visits with lots of food, guided tours, river cruises, private airport transfers and more here in our Budapest Guide!

Budapest Spring Market 2019

Would you like to be in Budapest for the Spring Market, also known as the Easter Market, in 2019? Here are the dates and all the information you need!

Lots of people come to Budapest for the annual Christmas markets, but not so many people know about the amazing Spring Market. But, to be honest, they are quite similar, except the fact that the temperatures are nicer in April and the weather is much nicer!

When will the Spring market be arranged in this year (since this article is out of date)? Check the Budapest calendar to find out what’s on in Budapest right now and in the coming months!

Enjoy spring and the Spring market in Budapest in 2019
Enjoy spring and the Spring market in Budapest in 2019

At the Spring Fair/Spring Market/Easter Market you can buy lots of handmade products from Hungarian designers, and even more important, you can eat a lot of delicious food and taste real Hungarian drinks. This is a fantastic combination, making it a place loved by many, especially ladies who enjoy both shopping and eating!

Budapest Spring Fair 2019 dates

In 2019, the Spring Fair will have its grand opening on March 29th, and it will then remain open for one entire month, closing up on April 28th.

The Spring Fair is arranged at Vörösmarty square, the square located in the end of the shopping street Vaci utca, and also the final station on the second oldest metro line in all of Europe, the yellow metro line.

Are you ready for a fantastic Easter market in Budapest?

Would you like to enjoy even more programs in Budapest? Here are some programs we can warmly recommend to you!

Read the different articles, and hopefully, you will find something that sounds both interesting and cool!

We wish you a pleasant stay in Budapest and hope you will enjoy the Budapest Spring Fair in 2019!

Chimney Cake Festival 2018 in Budapest

Are you a fan of sweet pastry? Have you ever tasted a cinnamon roll and loved it? Still haven’t tasted the fantastic Chimney Cake (Kürtöskalacs?) Check out this festival in Budapest!

The Kürtőskalács Fesztivál (Chimney Cake Festival) has turned into an annual tradition in Budapest. In 2018, it will be arranged for the sixth time. It has been held at several locations, but it will be arranged at the same spot in 2018 as in 2017, that is, the Gesztenyes Kert (Chestnut Garden). This is located a bit outside the heart of Budapest, but that is only to its advantage. This is a peaceful area, but it will be full of life during the time of the festival.

Sekler Cake Festival 2018 in Budapest
Time to taste some Sekler Cake – Source

Sekler Cake Festival dates 2018 (Chimney Cake festival)

They have started calling the Kürtőskalács Sekler Cake instead of Chimney Cake, but it isn’t the title, but the taste that matters. In 2018, the festival will be arranged from October 12th till October 14th.

How to get to the Gesztenyes garden?

  • Tram number 61 to Csörsz street.
  • Tram number 59 or bus number 105 to Apor Vilmos square.
  • Bus 110 or 112 to Sirály street.
  • Bus 212 from Alkotás street.
  • Bus 139 from the South Railway Station (Metro 2).

These are some of the options. You might have to walk a couple of hundred meters from the stops to the actual festival area, but that shouldn’t cause much trouble. The area is very close to the shopping mall Mom Park.

There is no entrance fee, meaning that everyone can come and go in the festival area whenever they want.

What’s going on in the festival area?

There will be daily competitions taking place, there will be interactive stories told to the children, and there will be quite a lot of concerts. On the Saturday evening at 20:00 Kati Wolf will sing. She is most famous for representing Hungary in the Eurovision Song Contest with this song back in 2011 with this song.

Kati Wolf will sing at the Chimney Cake festival in 2018
Kati Wolf will sing at the Chimney Cake festival in 2018

Does this sound like a cool program to visit? Mark the dates, October 12th, October 13th and October 14th in 2018.

You can read more about other programs and events in Budapest right here.

We hope you will have a fantastic stay in Budapest. If you have any comments or questions related to this event or something else, please write it beneath this text. We would love to hear from you.

Welcome to the Budapest Christmas markets in 2018

One of the most popular events in Budapest every year is the Christmas markets. They attract tens of thousands of visitors every single day, and they are getting more and more popular for every year.

Every year, already in January, we get the question: “When will the Christmas markets be arranged in Budapest this year?” The same question has been asked in 2018, and finally, we are able to give an answer to the question.

Christmas markets in Budapest
The Christmas market at Vörösmarty square – Source

It should be noted that Budapest is making the Christmas season a very long season, and the Christmas market at Vörösmarty square in the center of Budapest is set to open already on November 9th (if everything happens according to plan). That is one week earlier than the opening of the Christmas markets in Vienna, and three weeks earlier than the opening of the Christmas markets in Prague.

Tourists will for sure consider it a great thing that the Christmas market at Vörösmarty square will open this early, as they can enjoy the Christmas atmosphere, the delicious food and the beautiful lights already in the middle of November.

There will also be a big Christmas market in front of the St. Stephen’s Basilica, but we do not have the dates for that market yet. We will update our main article about the Christmas markets in Budapest as soon as we get the dates for that market.

Budapest Christmas market dates in 2018

Opening: November 9th, 2018
Last day: January 1st, 2019

The source of this information and the picture earlier in the article is the official Tourist office of Budapest.

Budapest Wine Festival 2018

There are lots of festivals in Budapest, but the biggest and most famous every year is the wine festival in the castle area. In 2018, Budapest Wine Festival will be arranged between September 6th and September 9th.

At the Budapest Wine Festival, you can taste thousands of different wine sorts. Most of them are local wines from different parts of Hungary, but there are normally one or a few international winemakers present to present wines from their own country to the Hungarians. But, this is first of all about Hungarian wines.

From the Budapest Wine Festival in 2017
Source: Facebook

If you want to visit the festival area you will need to buy a ticket. The price of a daily ticket is 2500 HUF. If you want the specially designed wine glass, the price is 3000 HUF. Are you planning to taste a lot of wines? Maybe you should buy the four-day ticket instead. This will cost you either 4500 HUF or 5000 HUF (depending on whether you want the limited wine-glass or not).

In the festival area, there will be programs for children, meaning that you can come with your kids as well. It probably isn’t the best activity for kids for lots of hours, but if you just want to drop by and walk around for some hours, it can work. Children under 14 years can enter the festival area for free.

You can read more general information about the Budapest Wine Festival right here.

Would you rather join us at a private wine tasting program or maybe a wine dinner in the center of Budapest? Check our listing of wine tasting programs right here.