The Box Donut in Budapest

The Box Donut

Yesterday I went out to grab a burger at the Burger House near Nyugati in Budapest. As I walked towards Burger House I noticed The Box Donut, a new donut house just next to it, so I grabbed a box of 6 donuts to test it all.

The Box Donut

The Box Donut is a place for those who want high quality at a quite high price. All donuts cost 390 HUF, which is quite a lot more than a donut in McDonalds, but the quality is also very different. All donuts made in The Box Donut are handmade, they are prepared with the best sort of chocolate, they are fried in nut oil and no conservatives and so are used.

What many people find interesting about The Box Donut is that the donuts do not have the typical round shape, but they are shaped a square. You will find the normal vanilla and chocolate donut here, but there are also much more exotic and cool looking donuts available. What about a donut with vanilla cream, chocolate and Oreo biscuits on the top? Or maybe a Creme Brulee donut? There is also a triple chocolate donut available and several donuts in different colors and with all sorts of fillings and decorations.

I bought six donuts and of course I did not manage to eat all six of them, but I tasted them all and liked every single one of them. I will probably not buy six donuts to eat them myself later, but if I walk in the area and want to eat something sweet and combine it with something to drink, this will work out just as good for me as a coffee house or a confectionery.

The Box Donut
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