The Danube Bend, from on high

It is a great thing to travel by boat up along the Danube to visit Szentendre, Visegrad and Esztergom. But, not long ago as I was out flying I realized that our plane was flying along the Danube, passing over Szentendre, Visegrad and Esztergom. And I must admit, it was great. Unfortunately I could not really see Esztergom too well, but as I saw the Danube Bend by Visegrád, and the fortress on the hill of Visegrád my heart rejoiced. Of course, it is limited how well I could see them from the plane up in the air, but still… it was really great.

Some time ago I was thinking of how nice it would be once to rent a helicopter just to travel around making pictures of Budapest, and other similar cities, from the air… but that remains a nice dream as that would probably cost a fortune, much more than I have in my pockets! But, maybe sometime…

We earlier posted some pictures from the Danube Bend. To see them, go to Danube Bend pictures. The pictures from Ezstergom are not made by us, but the creator has written that they were free to use by anyone, so we did so!

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