The Invisible Exhibition

The title caught my attention and I wondered; what can this be? Reading on I realised that the Invisible Exhibition was giving an insight into the life of a blind person. It sounded very interesting, so I decided to drop by checking it out.

How does a blind play chess?
The question was answered in the start of the exhibition, in the visible part. Here we were shown several objects, tools and articles that help the daily life of a blind person. Among these were a chess table, a weight, a speaking computer and so.

How does it feel to be blind?
The first session was just a warm-up before being taken into the dark. No light sources were there, so you felt as a blind person yourself. Here you got the chance to visit the pub, walk in the city, visit a statue park and experience how it feels to be blind in several situations.

The exhibition worked as an eye-opener, giving a little insight into the world of the blind, and it was also special that the guide escorting you in the darkness was a blind person.

Would you like to visit the exhibition as well? If so you will find useful information about the Invisible Exhibition below. For those who want an English speaking guide it is recommended to contact the exhibition before to tell them you are coming. They can be contacted at [email protected] or telephone number +36 20 771 4236

Where is it:
The Invisible Exhibition is located in the 10th (X.) district, in Népliget, within the E-klub building. It is easy to approach my using metro line no. 3 (metro stop Népliget), or using tram no. 1, or using buses no. 99 and 103.

Opening hours

Monday to Friday: 12:00 – 20:00
On weekends: 10:00 – 20:00

Adult: HUF 1.450
Student: HUF 1.200
Groups: HUF 990*
Family: HUF 4000**

* in case of 20 persons groups or above, pre-registration is required
**2 adults+children

More information at

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