Three restaurants I would visit in Budapest as a tourist

Yesterday I received a question on Facebook from one of the many Budapest blog followers on Facebook. She is coming to Budapest with her boyfriend in February and wondered if I could recommend 2-3 bars/restaurants worth visiting.

I have not selected these three restaurants because I believe them to be the best three of Budapest (except from the last restaurant listed), but because I believe they will give any tourist an experience they will remember for a long time.

Trofea Grill

I would for sure visit Trófea Grill if I came to Budapest for the first time. The restaurant gives you an experience you will remember for a long time as you can eat and drink as much as you want, for a set price. I have now eaten in Trófea Grill at least 25-30 times so it is not that great experience anymore, but I still remember the feeling the first time I visited the restaurant.

Sir Lancelot

I am not really sure about this one, but I still decide to mention it. I am not a personal fan of Sir Lancelot, however I have spoken to hundreds of tourists who simply love the place. I have even read tourist guides mentioned Sir Lancelot not only as a restaurant, but as an attraction worth visiting in Budapest. Here you can enjoy a medieval atmosphere and large plates with lots of food. Yet another experience you will remember for a long time, maybe not because of the food, but because of the overall atmosphere.

MAK Bistro

Trofea Grill and Sir Lancelot have good food, but if you want awesome food I would go for MAK Bistro. It is for sure among the top 5 restaurants in Budapest, but it is still easier to get a table here than if you would want to visit Onyx or Costes. The price level is also better. The ingredients used are excellent and you will always be surprised as you visit the place. Even though the food is fantastic make sure to leave space for the dessert, because those are simply stunning in MAK Bistro.


If any of our readers want to come with other advices or maybe disagree with my advices, feel free to do so as you write a comment!

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