Transporter 3 in Budapest

Transporter 3 BudapestMaybe you think that I am joking, but Transporter 3 can now be seen in Budapest cinemas, but there is something more to it. You can see the transporter Frank Martin, played by Jason Statham, in Budapest in the film Transporter 3. It is not to much, only five minutes, but still it is something. It is happening in the middle of the film, and the sharp eye will soon recognice the Parliament and the Saint Stephens Basilica. The rest of the scenes supposed to be from Budapest is probably only from a studio in Hollywood, at least I did not recognice them.

In Transporter 3 Frank Martin has to deliever a package, again. This time it is a person, and Frank does not really understand much why, how and where. As always there are loads of action, and some wild fighting scenes where Frank beats 9-10 badguys alone, but that is how we like the Transporter to act.

I am a fan of the Transporter films, but this film was a little bit boring, as it was to much focus on Frank and the girl he is transporting. To long conversations, to little action and I found those scenes to occur to often, and everytime they occured they were to long.

I still enjoyed it, but I could have enjoyed it much more!

Based on this I give Transporter 3 five smileys.

Hungarian title: Szállító 3

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