No news from Budapest

I am not sure, but I feel like as if few things are happening in Budapest these days. As I keep checking out the different feeds I subscribe to, nothing seems to happen, and the number of updates are few. In my own search for news I do not find to much either. Of course, it is always possible to write about politics, something is always happening there. You can always hear about the ideas of Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány and his ideas for helping out on the nation, and then the comments from the opposition (Fidesz) that the idea is a terrible one, and that he and his coworkers should all resign from their positions. This repeats itself every day of the year, so it is not to interesting anymore.

The weak forint is another subject that people speak about, and that the newspapers write about. So did we yesterday, so no need to write about it again. But, I read today that the weak forint is good for Hungarian peasants, as the shops find it to expensive to import from abroad, so now they rather buy Hungarian products and Hungarian meat.

If some interesting news come, we will for sure write, but as of now… things are quiet in Budapest!

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