Why (unemployed) Hungarians need to get busy blogging!

Hungary is a nation where many people have problem finding jobs and once they find a job, the salaries are not the way you want them to be. Based on these two facts I believe that Hungarians need to get busy blogging.

For most people a blog will not bring an awesome income within seconds and minutes, but if you anyway look for a job, spend an hour or two a day to work on a blog. I will not get into every little detail on how this can be done (I will rather refer to other sites with information on those subjects), but here are some things that should be considered. Before you start I must say that English skills are absolutely preferred, because English speaking blogs have a greater potential both when it comes to audience and money, but if the Hungarian language is all you’ve got, go for it in Hungarian.

Why should I start blogging?

If you are a Hungarian and you believe that some extra money would come handy, then a blog might help you to do so. Not long ago I read an article named „7 reasons why unemployed should start blogging.” If you are out there looking for a job you have spare time left (while the other people work). Instead of hanging out at the local bar drinking, spend some hours a day writing a blog. To write a blog you need knowledge, so as you dig for information on articles you are to write, you will keep your brain going and grow your knowledge (instead of your stomach in the local pub). An unemployed person will often feel lack of motivation, but a blog can give you a reason to wake up in the morning again. As you go looking for a jobs it can have a positive effect that you can refer to a blog you are writing, because it proofs that you are talented and that you can get things going (employees like that).

It will take time, but in some months a blog can start to give you some income. This of course depends on the quality of your blog and amount of visitors, but if you get things going, there is for sure potential in blogging. If you consider the fact that many Hungarians earn about 300 Euro per month, with some talent and hard work you can start earning similar money with time. But patience is important. It is very easy to give up, but again – if you are unemployed and have spare time, then you have time to blog and if not for the money, then at least to keep yourself going!

What can I write about?

I have no clue, but hopefully you have a clue. What are you interested in? Write about food, write about recipes, write about public transportation, write about shopping, write about what you do as you wait for the train in the morning, write inspirational texts, write an unemployment blog… whatever! There are subjects you can write about which are worth more money than others if you consider it from a Google ad point of view (see: Earn money with your blog), but the most important is that you write about something you are interested in.

It is one thing to create a blog, but the hard work really starts once you get it going. Blogging is not easy money, so if you thought so, forget about it! Once your blog is online you need to spread the word about it and you need to keep it fresh and updated. Building relationships and networking with other bloggers might in fact require more time in the start than creation of content, but to reach success you need a mixture of both. A great place to start is with your friends on Facebook. Invite them all to check out your blog and inspire them all to regularly check out what’s going on and to share your content with their friends again. If what you write about is good it can easily spread as fire as people start sharing your content with their friends and on their social networks!

Blogging as a hobby

I have so far only mentioned blogging as a great activity for unemployed. However blogging can be a great hobby for people with good jobs as well. Blogging can be a way of doing further research on subjects you are interested in and it can be a great way of sharing your heart and thoughts with the rest of the world. Maybe in the future the blog you are about to create will make you earn more money than what your normal job does today. Who knows?

This recommendation about creating a blog is first of all there for the unemployed Hungarians. Get your buts out of the chair and start doing something, and a blog is a great way to start.

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