VIP-cinema in Budapest

Yesterday I visited a VIP-cinema in Budapest for the first time in my life. I got to see Ice Age in 3D while sitting in a very comfortable chair. But before I entered into the room to see the film I could enjoy some other advantages of my VIP ticket as well.

A small buffee could be found in the vip-area where you can grab some slices of bread, salami, ham and vegetables; some cakes, biscuits and chips at another place; and in the bar I could drink whatever and I could get as much popcorn and nacho chips as I managed to eat and bring with me into the cinema room.

The ticket price yesterday was 3400 Forint, which is not to bad… and I enjoyed it a lot. The electronic chairs also had a small table where I could place my drink and my nachos which gave extra comfort.

If you want to try it as well, check out Cinema City at Arena Plaza. For groups, read more about group offers and help we can give at group travel.

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