Weak forint and strong Euro

Euro Forint HungaryThe Forint is jumping up and down, and currently it is quite weak, at least compared to the Euro. Compared to ther currencies it is doing quite well, but the fact is that the Euro is strong at the moment. This morning as I checked out my desktop I saw that 1 Euro = 283,6 Forints, which is quite a lot. Half a year ago I always thought of 1 Euro as 250 forints, and it was a period when 1 Euro was worth 230 forints. These differences can mean quite a lot of money, even for small customers as you and I.

Euro – Forint
In McDonalds
If you want to buy a menu in McDonalds it will cost you appx. 1060 forints. On a day when the Forint was at its strongest that would cost you 4,6 Euro. Now, as the Euro is strong it would cost you 3,7!

In Sir Lancelot
Normally someone visiting Sir Lancelot uses around 6500 forints. On a strong Forint day that would mean around 28 Euro, but on a strong Euro day (as it is today) that would mean 23 Euro.

Tickets for Mamma Mia concert in Budapest
The most expensive tickets cost 16,900 Ft. On a strong Forint day that means around 73 Euro, but on a strong Euro-day it would be 60 Euro.

As you can see the differences are quite big, so for people visiting Hungary coming from Euro nations these are good news. For Hungarians going abroad these news are not so good, at least if they travel as the Euro is as strong as it is now!

Currency and changing money in Budapest

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