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Hungarian Parliament

Budapest best – the best five of Budapest!

In today’s world people turn quite lazy and when searching in Google they end up typing Budapest best, a very strange „expression” instead of typing for example Best of Budapest. In a time when everyone uses such strange expressions surfing the internet it has a quite strange influence on the written language, and it is […]

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Hungarian Parliament – More beautiful than ever

As of August 20th, 2011, the Hungarian Parliament can yet again be seen in its total beauty as darkness breaks forth in Budapest. After some quite boring years the Parliament is yet again beautiful, and below you can see a picture made on August 21st, 2011. For more pictures and fresh Budapest news, visit Budapest […]

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Which Parliament is the best?

There are many beautiful parliaments on this earth, but one of the nicest one is for sure located in Budapest. But, there is still a very important question to answer. Which Budapest Parliament is the nicest? The one located at the Szabo Marcipan Museum in the Hilton Hotel, or maybe the one in the Szamos […]

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Just some more Budapest Pictures

Yet another time I just brought my camera as I walked around in Budapest (of course working with tourists), and below you can see some of the Budapest pictures. None of them are extraordinary, but they will still give a little feeling of what Budapest is like for those who have never been around in […]

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Parliament finally finished

I didnt even realize that the work with the Hungarian Parliament had lasted for so long, but last week I read that the last 20 years there has been continous work on the Hungarian Parliament, or the side of the Parliament looking towards the Danube. So, I guess we all got used to the workers […]

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