Pictures from the Christmas markets at Vorosmarty square in Budapest in 2019

November 8th was the opening day for the Christmas market at Vorosmarty square in Budapest in 2019. We were there on the opening day to take some pictures, and here you can take a look at them.

Christmas tree at Vorosmarty square.
They weren’t completely finished with the preparations yet as we visited the Christmas market on November 8th.

The Christmas market at the Vorosmarty square is the most famous in Budapest. In 2019, it seems to be a bit smaller than it normally is, due to works currently happening at the square. In the last years, all the food establishments have been located in the middle of the square, and this area has been surrounded by places where you can buy all sorts of products. This year, the food stalls are located on one side of the square, and on the other side of the square, you can purchase all sorts of products and handmade art. In other words, by the time of the opening of the Christmas market, it was only half the amount of normal stalls from which you can purchase products compared to the previous years. However, the quality of the products available was very high, so you have a lot to look forward to, no matter what!

Shopping at the Christmas market in budapest
Shopping at the Christmas market in Budapest

You probably know that the annual Christmas markets are about eating just as much as shopping. So, there will be a lot of delicious food waiting for you as you visit the Christmas market in Budapest at the Vorosmarty square. Beneath, you can see a picture showing the traditional Langos, one of the finest meals in Hungary, at least at festivals and at markets like this one.

You can eat Langos at the Christmas market on the Vorosmarty square.
You can eat Langos at the Christmas market on the Vorosmarty square.

Do not miss out on the Fashion Street

When you visit the Christmas market at the Vorosmarty square, make sure to walk along the Fashion street as well. This is a very nicely decorated street, and in the end (as you reach the Deak square), you will find one more market (much smaller) that is still worth visiting.

A picture from the Fashion street in Budapest

I guess you need no more proof… Budapest is beautiful before Christmas, and you have plenty of reasons to visit the city in 2019.

If you want more information about airport transfers in Budapest, book a wine dinner, or maybe arrange with a river cruise in Budapest before your arrival, read on here in the Budapest Guide at

Budapest from above – seen from an airplane!

Before arriving to Budapest, or as you leave Budapest, you might be extremely lucky and get a beautiful view of the city. If you sit by the window, make sure to have your camera or your phone ready, just in case.

I just bumped into the following image on Facebook recently, taken by someone just before landing in Budapest. It is an amazing picture, and it is so rich in detail. You can easily see the most important bridges in Budapest, the Hungarian Parliament, the City Park, the Gellert Hill, the Castle area, and so much more.

Budapest seen from the flight!
Budapest, seen from the sky!

Budapest is an amazing city, and if you like the way it looks from above, it will get even more beautiful as you reach the inner city and walk along the Danube in the evening.

Today is the time for the opening of the annual Christmas market in Budapest. During the Christmas season the city gets even more beautiful, especially in the evenings, so you have even more to look forward to then!

Budapest by night from a drone

Would you like to see a beautiful Budapest by night picture? This has got to be one of the most stunning of them all!

A few days ago, we shared an article from Steemit on our Facebook page. It contained a beautiful Budapest by night picture, taken from a drone. The post turned so popular, and since the picture actually is a freebie, we decide to share it here in our own blog as well.

Budapest by night from a drone
Photo by Andras Kovacs on Unsplash

Isn’t this simply a stunning picture? We have seen lots of pictures from Budapest throughout the years, but this has got to be one of the nicest of them all. Kudos to Andras Kovacs for making this fantastic picture.

On the picture, you can see the Chain Bridge, the Elisabeth Bridge, the Liberty Bridge, the Petofi Bridge, the Rakoczi Bridge, and quite a lot of beautiful buildings, including the National Theater and the Palace of Arts in by the “last” bridge.

If you like the picture, share it with friends and family. It will for sure inspire people to pay Budapest a visit in the near future.


Pictures taken from Gellert Hill (by night)

Earlier this week we had a guided tour with a nice group of dutch people, and we reached the Gellert Hill by around 6.30. It was still quite bright, and no lights were turned on in Budapest. But then, around 6.50 the city turned into another one, almost like magic! The lights were turned on, and Budapest as we all love it became a reality. Below you can see some of the pictures we made.

Slideshow seen by more than 5000 people

Our slideshow with pictures from Budapest has now been seen by more than 5000 people. I must admit that we have much better pictures available now, so we could probably make a much better slideshow with the pictures available now… but this has become such a traditional slideshow, so we decide to let it stay!

But, for those who want more pictures, we recommend our Pictures page.

Budapest slideshow

Parliament finally finished

I didnt even realize that the work with the Hungarian Parliament had lasted for so long, but last week I read that the last 20 years there has been continous work on the Hungarian Parliament, or the side of the Parliament looking towards the Danube. So, I guess we all got used to the workers and the fact that we never could see the Parliament at its best… But, now it is done (the side looking towards the Danube), and hopefully it will stay nice and clean for many, many years.

To see it the best way you should go to the Batthyány Square or you can go up to the Fishermens Bastion (though the view is nicer from Batthyány Square)!

Hungarian Parliament
Hungarian Parliament

Just some nice Budapest pictures

Chain Bridge Budapest
Chain Bridge Budapest

We love Budapest by night, and below you can see some pictures taken during an evening trip on the Danube with dinner and live gipsy music. The pictures only show Budapest, but the trip and the food was great as well. More information can be found on our Danube page.

As the autumn has come it is getting dark early in Budapest, so boat trips starting at 19.00 is an ideal timing for a good and nice, and maybe even romantic Danube trip in the dark.

Did you by the way know that Danube is the longest river in the European Union, and the second longest in Europe after the river Volga?

Budapest pictures