Five secret attractions in Budapest worth visiting

Of course, these places aren’t secret, but not everybody knows about them. This means that they are not crowded, so you and your family can walk in peace without being bothered by crowds of people. If you like visiting such attractions, but don’t want to go far from the center of Budapest, then you should […]

Top five Budapest attractions

Coming to Budapest and wonder what are the most important attractions to see when in town? We have created a list telling you what are the top five Budapest attractions. The attractions on this list are things to see, which means that we have not included activities and programs. These are buildings and landmarks that […]

Shining Elisabeth Bridge soon…

Not long ago the Liberty Bridge received its floodlights! The Margaret Bridge is on the way to receive its floodlights.The Chain Bridge has always been illuminated by the beautiful lights! And now soon we will experience yet another nice bridge during night time. They have already tested out the new lights to be used on […]