-9 degrees and snow on the way

As we are writing this article (February 1st, 2012 – 8:15) it is -9 degrees in Budapest. Until now we have had a very mild winter, but now the real winter cold seems to have arrived. And according to the weather forecasts heavy snow is expected this upcoming weekend, so if you are on your way, prepare with some nice warm clothes and shoes that enjoy snow! And make sure to book a nice hotel in the center of Budapest (see: recommendations), so you will not have to walk to far to get around.

Winter in Budapest
Winter in Budapest - Illustration only

Weather in Budapest

3 thoughts on “-9 degrees and snow on the way

  1. Jimmy Simpson says:

    I would trade places in a heart beat to be back to my beautiful country in Hungary where i was born.I’m living here in New Smyrna Beach,Florida.USA

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