Malev cancel all flights

February 8 update:
Malev is history, and no flights are departing/arriving. So if you have a Malev flight booked, find out what is on with your ticket and prepare for changes to happen. Due to this, Ryanair has recently launched 31 new flights from Budapest.

Have we arrived to the point were the Hungarian Airline Malev is turning history? They have been frequently in the media lately due to financial problems, and today they have cancelled all flights. So, passengers left in Budapest might have problems returning back home with the planned Malev flight, and tourists arriving might be in danger of not coming to Budapest at all.

So far all information is that all Malev flights are cancelled today (February 3rd), but we will follow the case and come with more information as soon as we have more information and know more what will happen in the future!

Malev cancelling all flights today
Malev cancelling all flights today

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