A new week in Budapest

A new week has started in Budapest and on the political arena lots of things are happening. This Saturday Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany said that he felt as a hindrance to the progress of the nation (as there have been campaigns fighting for his resignation since the day he started his work as prime minister), so he opened up for the parlament to find a new prime minister instead of him. Due to this the forint is expected to become weaker, at least until a new prime minister has been found. So… a new week in Budapest has just started, and the political world is as always a big mess!

I read an article once where they commented on a picture of George Bush as he started to be a president in the USA and then they commented on a picture of George Bush as he left the oval office. Big differences. The same can be said about Ferenc Gyurcsany. It is not an easy job, and I do believe that ruling Hungary must be an extreme job… Four years as prime minister here is the same as 10 years of work elsewhere!

Luckily the attractions of Budapest are not affected by this! They are still beautiful so as a tourist it is just to come and enjoy the beauties of Budapest, and maybe enjoy a good Hungarian restaurant as well.

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