Amazon Kindle coming to Hungary

Amazon Kindle in Hungary
Amazon Kindle in Hungary

I just read that the Amazon Kindle will be available in Hungary within a few weeks. Great news, at least I think so. It will not really be available in Hungary, as you will have to order it from, but if you order it from there, you will be able to order books, read books and use it in Hungary. It will be released October 19.

Books will in the start only be available in English, but for the happy people reading this article that shouldnt cause any problems. The price for the Amazon Kindle is 279 Amazon Kindle, and if you add the tax etc. to that you will end up around 60,000 Forints. If you first have the Amazon Kindle, the books will cost around 1000 Forints to download.

You want to check it out? Go to and order it today! (they will only ship it as it is released October 19, though).

But here is my question… Can it be nice to read a book from a screen? I would really like to try, because I am curious. But, holding a monitor as I read… it sounds so uncomfortable to me. Reading on the metro? Reading on the beach? I am not sure. Anyone tried such a thing before? I would love to hear some comments concerning this from people with experience.

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9 thoughts on “Amazon Kindle coming to Hungary

  1. Braverman says:

    I live in the U.S., and have had the Kindle2 for several months. I was also skeptical before buying it, but I’m now hooked on it. The screen is not at all like a backlit laptop screen – it really is just like reading the page of a book. I find there is no eyestrain even after reading for long periods of time. It is also easy to read in bright sunlight. The fact that it is very easy to carry with you all the time and you can have many books ready to read makes it ideal for travel or to have at hand whenever you might have a few available moments to read. The battery lasts for at least a few weeks without recharging if you leave the wireless turned off when you don’t need it.

    I highly recommend it for people who like to read.

  2. D. A. Herd says:

    I was a little wary at first when purchasing this product because I was afraid I would miss the feel of turning pages. Within the first hour of using my Kindle this was absolutely not a problem. I actually have a few paperbacks I haven’t finished yet and am seriously considering buying them for the Kindle because of the sheer convenience of it all. I love that I can look up definitions, make notes and mark pages with just the touch of a few buttons. It also holds my page on every book that I am reading which is really nice. I have always enjoyed reading but I found that I read much more often now and that I am willing to try books that I might not have before. Being able to view samples of books has made me a much more adventurous reader. I have books that are special to me that I will keep a bound copy of but I would never go back to reading without a Kindle!

  3. Feri says:

    I have decided to by Kindle2 as anyway I’m reading a lot, almost everything in english and virtually I have no more roome in my “library”. I don’t like the idea of selling the used books. I siply love it. It is very easy to get used to it and it is very convenient, at least for me. Also one should not forget that delivery of the book is much-much faster and also cheaper.

  4. Amazon News says:

    I love that I can look up definitions, make notes and mark pages with just the touch of a few buttons. The Kindle is also energy efficient. With a single battery charge, it operates for up to 14 days (without the use of wireless Internet).

  5. Gabor says:

    My wife and I both have kindles and love them. It is very easy to use and the screen is just like reading a page of print. Also, you can adjust the font size to suite your needs. The battery last a really long time and recharges very quickly. The cost in the US has come down significantly to only $79 for the B&W, wi-fi version. I was hoping to buy one for my aunt but she only reads in magyar so I am sorry to hear that books in Hungarian are not yet available. Any idea when they might be available?

  6. Dr. Robert Timár says:

    Living in Budapest just trying to find out which e-book to buy for wifey’s birthday and as such I’ve just seen somewhere a Kindle with hungarian fonts. Does it mean that hungarian literature (“just released” too, not only classics) could already be available?
    Some place in Budapest where I can “touch” different Kindle models and decide so which to buy? Every input is highly welcome.

  7. Michael Lin says:

    my Kindle just broke, stupid accident on my part but I took that kindle everywhere. Unfortunately…. Amazon apparently doesn’t ship to Hungary… at least they give me a ‘This product cannot ship to your address’ so I’m quite put out.

  8. Seb says:

    hi…im from australia.. ive been an avid reader all my life, and i love the look and feel of books… i used to buy a lot secondhand… but i have no room, even running out of room to store in shed.. so i bought a kindle 3g/wifi early this year… love it, im travelling and can take so many books with easy to read, easy to hold, instant download for me in australia, and even in romania, but this was suing…. good luck, youll love it…seb ps bought one for my 99yr old grandpa and he loves it too…

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