Ancient burial masks at the National Museum

Have you ever thought about that what do you want to do in 2013 summer? Unfortunately at lots of places the weather is not suitable to beach, so we recommend you the beautiful and special cities’ discover firstly.

Burial masksThere are so many interesting attractions in a foreign country’s capital or other cities, but when the temperature reaches the 30 or more degrees, people would like to spend their free time at the beach or in a spa, but not in a museum. But here comes the time, and the capital of Hungary, Budapest knows it!

In the center city, exactly at the Hungarian National Museum at the Múzeum Boulevard there are lots of incredibly interesting exhibition in this year. One of them is the best temporary exhibition, the Ancient burial masks exhibition, which is available between 22 June and 13 September 2013. At the exhibition visitors could know more about the conquistador Hungarians’ funerary customs. It is known, that the Hungarians lubricated the dead people faces’ with a special material, what harden during the years and became a mask. Unfortunately, today there are only ten masks, and those, who visit the National Museum for this fantastic exhibition, could see photos about these.

Spend some lovely day in the capital of Hungary, Budapest and meet with the Hungarians’ habits and culture! Have a great time!

Ancient burial masks
Hungarian National Museum
June 22th – September 13th

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