Manu Chao concert in Budapest 2013

Manu Chao BudapestAnother famous star will visit our country on 7 September 2013, Manu Chao! His music is very colorful; he sings in French, Spanish, Arab, Portugal, English and Wolof language, he frequently changes the language in one song.

In his lyrics the topics include love, life in a ghetto and immigration. He openly undertakes his political views in his art too. He uses lots of music style, for example Rock and Roll, French chanson, salsa, reggae, ska and Algerian raï. These influences reached him with the French immigrates, the Spanish contacts, but mostly when he traveled to Middle-America after the band Mano Negra broke up. Manu Chao is well known member of the alternative music community in Paris, however he is not famous in the whole world.

José-Manuel Thomas Arthur Chao or Manu Chao was born in 21 June 1961 in Paris. However, his parents are Spanish; Manu was already born in Paris, because the family fled from the home country because of Franco’s dictatorship. His career started in Paris too. He was the member of several popular French alternative band before the foundation of Mano Negra.

He played in Hungary 5 years ago, and who knows when will be the next time, so do not think about it twice, if you are a real music fan too. The atmosphere will be revolutionary. So do not miss Manu Chao on 7 September 2013 on the Budapest Park’s stage! Have fun!

Manu Chao Budapest 2013
September 7th
Park Budapest

5 thoughts on “Manu Chao concert in Budapest 2013

  1. Joy Flynn says:

    Please can you tell me if these dates are correct as it also shows that he is appearing in Prague on the same dates? If they are please can you tell me where I could buy the tickets from and how much it is. Many Thanks and Kind Regards Joy

  2. Budapest Guide says:

    Hey Joy,
    I just looked around at several sites, and they all seem to confirm that there will be a Manu Chao concert in Park in Budapest on September 7th, so I guess you can be quite sure about the fact that this is correct. So, if you want to experience the concert in Budapest in September, just come!!

  3. leila massudi says:

    Hi! I really wanna go next saturday and see them. But where can you buy tickets and how much? what time? there is no info anywhere about anything 🙁

  4. Budapest Guide says:

    Hello! You can buy tickets on the spot, in Budapest Park, every day from 13.00-19.00. There is an online portal where you are supposed to be able to buy tickets online, but it looks terrible in English and do not really seem to work either. The price for a ticket on the spot is 7700 HUF. Good luck!

  5. Petra says:

    Hey Dear Readers,
    You still can buy pre-tickets opposite the Nyugati Railway Station in Budapest for example. It is just 6000 Forint. Maybe it is worth more, than you would have to stay in the long long line on the day of the concert in front of the Park… 🙂

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