Art Hall of Budapest: Sigalit Landau / Margin

Sigalit Landau / Margin
Sigalit Landau / Margin

The Art Hall in Budapest has big importance. It was made in 1895-1896, for the 1000 year anniversary of the Hungarian Conquest, on the Heroes Square in the capital of Hungary. The Art Hall has several permanent and temporary exhibitions and a perfect program for the weekend could be a visit to the Art Hall, especially during the spring of 2013, because then you can check out the interesting exhibition named “Margin”.

The exhibition will open from 14 March to 2 June 2013. Its creator is Sigalit Landau was born in Jerusalem and now he lives in Tel-Aviv. He makes videos, statues and installations with different techniques, and he uses traditional symbols with his works, like water, sand, melon or salt.

His exhibition in the Art Gallery is his premier in Hungary. Visitors can see the artist’s last video installations and video works too. It’s a little bit underground, a little bit thinkable, but it’s real art. Check out the artist’s thoughts about the exploitation of nature by humans, the continuous spin of a washing machine or a melon taker worker’s everyday life. Let Landau to whirl you to another world!

The exhibition’s opening time is 14 March 2013. Do not miss this occasion, because not anyone, but the ambassador of Israel, Ilan Mor will speechify. Moreover Palya Bea singer and Kántor Péter poet will participate too.

It could be a perfect weekend program. Spring is almost here, take an enjoyable walk in the Városliget, take some picture in the Heroes Square and after that, go into the Art Hall, and let the art to whirls you. Have a great time!

Sigalit Landau / Margin
March 14th – June 2nd
Art Hall of Budapest

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