Art Hall of Budapest: Sigalit Landau / Margin

Sigalit Landau / Margin
Sigalit Landau / Margin

The Art Hall in Budapest has big importance. It was made in 1895-1896, for the 1000 year anniversary of the Hungarian Conquest, on the Heroes Square in the capital of Hungary. The Art Hall has several permanent and temporary exhibitions and a perfect program for the weekend could be a visit to the Art Hall, especially during the spring of 2013, because then you can check out the interesting exhibition named “Margin”.

The exhibition will open from 14 March to 2 June 2013. Its creator is Sigalit Landau was born in Jerusalem and now he lives in Tel-Aviv. He makes videos, statues and installations with different techniques, and he uses traditional symbols with his works, like water, sand, melon or salt.

His exhibition in the Art Gallery is his premier in Hungary. Visitors can see the artist’s last video installations and video works too. It’s a little bit underground, a little bit thinkable, but it’s real art. Check out the artist’s thoughts about the exploitation of nature by humans, the continuous spin of a washing machine or a melon taker worker’s everyday life. Let Landau to whirl you to another world!

The exhibition’s opening time is 14 March 2013. Do not miss this occasion, because not anyone, but the ambassador of Israel, Ilan Mor will speechify. Moreover Palya Bea singer and Kántor Péter poet will participate too.

It could be a perfect weekend program. Spring is almost here, take an enjoyable walk in the Városliget, take some picture in the Heroes Square and after that, go into the Art Hall, and let the art to whirls you. Have a great time!

Sigalit Landau / Margin
March 14th – June 2nd
Art Hall of Budapest

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Ernst Museum: Trough a glass darkly

The Ernst Museum celebrates its 100 year anniversary now-a-days. The founder of the museum was a member of a rich Jewish family, Ernst Lajos. After his death, the museum became a sub-museum of the Art Hall of Budapest and it is used to house several temporary exhibitions.

Through a glass darkly
Through a glass darkly

For example now one of the most interesting exhibitions mostly because of the centenarian anniversary of the Ernst Museum: the Trough a Glass darkly.

The exhibition is open between 24 January and 17 April 2013. Its reason to shows the human, especially the human face to the audience. We can’t see ourselves in direct, only in the mirror or on other reflective surfaces. Portrait always has had very important function to show humans. This exhibition wants to show this art’s history and evolution.

The Art Hall assembled the exhibition from Ernst Lajos’ private collection. Visitors could see the last four decades’ portrait-history. Moreover, there will be literature nights on some evenings, so visitors could enjoy some extra art.

Don’t miss this wonderful exhibition. The Ernst Museum is located in one of the most visited places of Budapest, in the Nagymező Street, near to the Opera. Imagine, you and your family, friends or your love visit the Nagymező Street, view the Company of Immortals’ foot prints in front of the Operetta, like the Walks of Fame in Hollywood.

Wonderful localities, fantastic program opportunity! Have a great time!

Ernst Museum
Trough a Glass darkly
January 24th – April 17th

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What is Hungarian – Art Hall exhibition

From August 2nd until October 14th visitors to Budapest are invited to visit the Art Hall in Budapest and their latest exhibition dealing with the subject; what is Hungarian?

At the exhibition you can see paintings of painters of the day, and most of the pieces exhibited are created within the last years. The exhibition will try to display what is Hungarian and through this also deal with the national identity of the Hungarians through the different things displayed. So, if you as a tourist would be interested in finding out more about what is really Hungarian, then you better check out this exhibition, because it is truly interesting. Of course locals should check it out as well 🙂

The Art Hall is a beautiful museum in Budapest located at the Heroes square. So while walking in the City Park or if you travel with a hop on-hop off bus in Budapest, then why not hop off at the Heroes Square and enter into the museum to visit the exhibition. After visiting, why not write a comment sharing your thoughts on this interesting exhibition?

What is Hungarian
What is Hungarian – exhibtion in Art Hall Budapest

What is Hungarian

Art Hall Budapest
August 2nd – October 14th

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Over the Counter: Art Hall

On the Heroes Square you can find two beautiful museums; the Museum of Fine Arts and the Art Hall. A new and interesting modern exhibition has recently been opened in the Art Hall, and it has such a cool name as: “Over the Counter: the Phenomena of Post-socialist Economy in Contemporary Art.”

Over the Counter: the Phenomena of Post-socialist Economy in Contemporary Art
Art Hall
June 18 – September 19

Museums Budapest

Press release:
The exhibition called Over the Counter has been inspired by the economic illusions, utopias, creativity and frustration that Central Europe has been home to recently, and ismade relevant by the global economic crisis which began in 2008, and which can be looked upon as a negative critique of the process of adopting the capitalist order. The title of the exhibition refers to different work progresses going on in the service sector, and beyond this to the position of artists in the production. Eitherwe take the „effective” evasion of certain rules, or the crossings of different economical processes, we find the product on the counter, and this is the very thing to which we can relate. The English version of the title stands for a quasi informal or directmarket that avoids stockmarket. Also it canmean non-prescriptionmedicine – in the case of the exhibition we would like to state the flexibility of economical processes and the existence of an out-of-control but operable mechanism. The exhibit offers an opportunity to look for artistic practices that thematize such social conditions that result from the economic changes of the past few decades, or bear testimony to outlooks that root in artistic attitudes towards these changes.

In 1989 the socialist countries entered what came to be called the transition period. Politically, itmeant the adoption of democratic institutions, while economically it was a transition from socialism to market economy, the institutions of a neoliberal capitalist system. Currently, the post-socialist countries are experiencing a double crisis: one the one hand, the transitionalmodel envisaged twenty years ago seems to be unsuccessful, and on the other, the region has still not reached the level of western modernity. The idea of communism can be considered a radical version ofmodernism,whichmay have failed but still presents a cultural and social challenge when it comes to reinterpreting, reforming or replacing the institutional and behavioural ideals it proposed. Art, a branch of the entertainment industry, is put into a difficult position by the current crisis as the new investment interests havemade it something of a luxury article.

The exhibition features artist, fenomenons, problems fromall over the region, from the Czech Republic to Armenia, fromLithuania to the former Yugoslavia, artists who redraw the political map of Eastern Europe: these are not the eastern outposts of the European Union, but a territory where survival and prosperity do not follow the westernmodels, but was predestinated to go on a different way.

Art Fanatics in Art Hall

An exhibition called Art Fanatics can be seen in the Art Hall at the Heroes Square in Budapest between April 3rd and May 23rd. It shows the private collection of several Hungarians. Not to much of a thrill to foreigners maybe, but if you still visit the Heroes Square and need to use the toilet in the basement of the Art Hall, then maybe you could check out the exhibition as well, while there.

Art Fanatics
Art Hall Budapest
April 3 – May 23

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BBS 50: Other Voices, Other Rooms: Art Hall

BBS was a filmstudio producing more than 511 films in less than 50 years. It was very famous until the 1990s, but since then it has dissapeard. This exhibition will try to enlighten the younger generation so they will know more about what was before them. In the words of the organizers: “This ambitious exhibition on the past fifty years of the BBS would help younger generations to have a better understanding of the age and the context, in which these films were made, and would also offer those contemporaries who are familiar with the BBS an opportunity to re-interpret the Studio’s work.” The exhibition will be held in the Art Hall located by the Heroes Square.

BBS 50: Other Voices, Other Rooms
Art Hall Budapest
December 16, 2009 – February 21, 2010

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Markus Schinwald exhibition in Budapest Art Hall

Markus Schinwald is an artist born in Salzburg 1973. He is a contemporary artist of a unique character, whose interests include the reinterpretation of myths and human relations. In essence, his Budapest show focuses on the role of the body as defined by its cultural relations, analysing such components as fashion, dressing and gestures.

Markus Schinwald: Pocket History
September 30 – November 2009
Art Hall Budapest