Ernst Museum: Trough a glass darkly

The Ernst Museum celebrates its 100 year anniversary now-a-days. The founder of the museum was a member of a rich Jewish family, Ernst Lajos. After his death, the museum became a sub-museum of the Art Hall of Budapest and it is used to house several temporary exhibitions. For example now […]

What is Hungarian – Art Hall exhibition

From August 2nd until October 14th visitors to Budapest are invited to visit the Art Hall in Budapest and their latest exhibition dealing with the subject; what is Hungarian? At the exhibition you can see paintings of painters of the day, and most of the pieces exhibited are created within […]

Over the Counter: Art Hall

On the Heroes Square you can find two beautiful museums; the Museum of Fine Arts and the Art Hall. A new and interesting modern exhibition has recently been opened in the Art Hall, and it has such a cool name as: “Over the Counter: the Phenomena of Post-socialist Economy in […]

Art Fanatics in Art Hall

An exhibition called Art Fanatics can be seen in the Art Hall at the Heroes Square in Budapest between April 3rd and May 23rd. It shows the private collection of several Hungarians. Not to much of a thrill to foreigners maybe, but if you still visit the Heroes Square and […]

Markus Schinwald exhibition in Budapest Art Hall

Markus Schinwald is an artist born in Salzburg 1973. He is a contemporary artist of a unique character, whose interests include the reinterpretation of myths and human relations. In essence, his Budapest show focuses on the role of the body as defined by its cultural relations, analysing such components as […]