Baraka, Il Patio, Fridays and more

eating restaurant budapestAs we mentioned in our article called “Nice eating in Budapest” we visited the restaurant Baraka last Saturday. The restataurant is located near the Heroes Square, and is by many considered one of the best restaurants in Budapest. It is though a problem that we do not really enjoy the too upper-class restaurants, because often they only serve too special food always containing some kind of ingredient that I do not like. Eating at Baraka I did not really manage to eat by mashed potatoes, but except from that it was okay. Baraka looked great on the inside, and I know many people who have been there who praised it, so I guess I am the problem, and not the restaurant! (pictures from Baraka can be found at our Baraka page).

Surfing around I also noticed something that might be useful information! Rosinter Magyarország is the company responsible for the Il Patio, Planet Sushi and the T.G.I Fridays restaurants in Budapest. And, they are prolonging the Torkos Csütörtök with something they call: Torkos Hétfő, which means that you can eat at half price in these restaurants every Monday. It is though important to know that it is not half price on everything, but they have a special menu with different meals you can buy at half price. They do not necessarily give that menu to you as you arrive, so if you are interested ask the waiter!

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