Bookstore Cafés and Cinema Coffee Houses in Budapest

As a fanatic reader and tea lover I love the bookstores in Budapest that have a café inside. One of my favorite activities on a Saturday afternoon is to pull up a chair and to start reading a good book while enjoying my cup of tea with a slice of cake in one of the bookstore cafés. These are a few of my favorite bookstore cafés that I would like to share with you:

Massolit ( Nagy Diófa utca 30): This café and English bookstore café offers interesting books in the area of politics, history and Jewish studies and has a great selection of non-fiction books as well. Besides that they serve delicious cookies and tea and coffee in various seasonal blends. Massolit has a cozy and antique interior with turquoise wooden windows and black and granite tiles.

Litea (Hess András tér 4): It is pretty large with big bookshelves containing a lot of books to choose from! The books are available in many foreign languages. You can end up spending hours at this place, sitting down to write postcards to your loved ones (they have these lovely arty Budapest postcards), reading a book and enjoying many cups of tea or coffee.

Treehugger Dan’s (Csengery utca 48): This is a little but cozy bookstore. Here you can enjoy tasty Fair Trade teas and coffees while you already start to read the book that you would like to buy. This bookstore café does not give you the feeling that you have to buy a book. It is fine to sit down and to wind down after a busy workday by enjoying a good book and a cup of tea.

Cinema Coffee Houses in Budapest

If you are a movie lover instead of a bookworm (or both) then Budapest has a lot to offer for you as well. You can of course visit the many cinemas in Budapest (foreign movies are subtitled, so you can enjoy the latest movies here). However, you can also go to the following cinema coffee houses where you can besides enjoying your drinks also watch a movie with your friends.

Toldi Mozi cinema and coffee house (Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 36-38): Many times they show movies in English. It has a laid-back atmosphere and the colorful couches bring a touch of happiness into the room.

Kino Art cinema and coffee house (Szent István körút 16) : This cinema and coffee house is located next to the Víg Theatre on Szent István Avenue. Here you can watch the latest independent movies. They bake delicious homemade cakes and tarts in the café that are definitely worth a try once you are there. It is a nice place to drop by, to watch a movie and to discuss it with your friends over a glass of wine, cup of coffee or a beer. It has a friendly atmosphere and once you have visited this place you will never stop going there.

Chocobar for the chocoholics

Chocobar Noir (Csengery utca 48)If you are not a tea or coffee lover but you love chocolate then you definitely have to go to Café Noir! You will love it! It has all sorts of chocolates and chocolate drinks. So if you are a chocoholic, what more do I need to say? Let’s go!


These were my recommendations. Now I will make a nice cup of tea for myself, because writing about tea makes me want to drink a good cup of tea! If you have other favorite bookstore cafés or cinema coffee houses, please share your recommendations by commenting on this article.





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