Identity Thief in Budapest cinemas

Last Thursday Identity Thief had its premiere in Budapest cinemas. This is a comedy which has the potential in it to bring a smile to your face, so if you are ready to laugh and to relax for 110 minutes, you could consider watching this film.

Recently we have written about films such as the Hobbit, James Bond and Die Hard in Budapest cinemas. Identity Thief is something completely different! This is a comedy with Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy as the main characters. The main character, a nice family guy, gets his identity stolen by a crazy lady who later spends all his money. Due to bureaucracy and a slow police he decides to go after the lady himself and that is what the film is about.

Nowadays I somehow feel as if it is very hard to produce a good comedy. That is why I personally enjoyed Identity Thief a whole lot. It was not a new favorite, but still I had a very good time watching the film and in fact the entire story of the film was enjoyable.

If I had to choose between watching Die Hard 5 and Identity Thief for the second time I am quite sure I would choose the latter. Not sure which film to watch? Take a look at the Identity Thief trailer to see if the film might be something for you.

Have you seen it? What do you think?

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