Bruce Willis dying hard in Budapest

Bruce Willis in Budapest - Die Hard 5
Bruce Willis in Budapest - Die Hard 5

April 24 update: Die Hard 5 in Budapest: Where things are happening and when!

It has for a long time been known that quite a lot of “A Good Day to Die Hard” (Die Hard 5) will be filmed in Budapest. If you are interested, you might want to check out the sixth district of Budapest today where cars are removed and the streets are empty due to one reason: Bruce Willis is in town and filming today! To check it out, take the tram to either Király Utca or Wesselényi utca, and start walking towards the area near Dob utca, Vörösmarty utca, Csengery utca and so on, and you will for sure see either some police officers protecting the area, or if not, maybe you will meet John McClane himself?! (John McClane is the name of the character played by Bruce Willis).

Check it out! If you are not in town, then you can wait until 2013. That is when the film will be released and you can see all your favorite spots in Budapest (hopefully) on the movie screens all around the world!

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