Buda in the 19th century: History Museum

Would you like to know more about life in Budapest in the 19th century? This exhibition in Budapest History Museum will give you insight about “Civil society, civil values, and civil morality.” If you want an excuse to visit the Castle in Budapest, this might be a good excuse. More information about the temporary exhibition in Budapest History Museum can be found in the press release below.

Civil society, civil values, and civil morality at Pest – Buda in the 19th century
Budapest History Museum
May 14 – September 19

Press release
Civil society, civil values, and civil morality. Still expressed on many occasions today, these terms conveyed different meanings in the 19th and 20th centuries. Citizens and the set of civil values often became the supreme motif of social and political programmes in modern and contemporary history, hence the crucial deprivation of their original connotation that took place as a consequence of the constant attempts of their redefinition. Who can be regarded as a “true” citizen anyway? What are the prime elements of civil mentality and morality? How did the term “citizen”, which we regard as either an example to follow or an enemy to be destroyed in specific cases even today, come into being? This exhibition has been intended to give answers to the preceding questions.

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