Budapest Airport to get a new name?

Ferihegy Airport
Ferihegy Airport

It might be that Budapest Ferihegy Airport will be renamed in the near future. The government want to rename the airport to Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport. A decision needs to be made in the case within quite shortly, so it might be that you will land on Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport next time you come to Budapest.

We also read somewhere that Lágymányosi Bridge might be renamed to Szént László Bridge after a suggestion from the Mayor of Budapest.

Last week we reported that Hungarians could vote for a square to be named Elvis Presley Square in Budapest, and that poll will be closing up tomorrow. Unfortunately they have not let the inhabitants influence the upcoming name of the airport or the Lágymányosi Bridge, but it might be better that way. Still, we have some sort of sorrow in our hearts every time we travel to Szentendre. Just outside the border of Budapest we drive next to the Meggyeri Híd, though the name +Chuck Norris Bridge+ (which was a very popular candidate during the poll) would have been even cooler, at least for tourists!

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