Tokaj Harvest Festival 2019

A few days ago we received an email from someone curious about the dates for the Tokaj Harvest Festival in 2019. Here you have them!

Tokaj Harvest Festival 2019

The Tokaj Harvest Festival, also known as Tokaji Szüreti napok in Hungary, is arranged every single year, and it is a big celebration of the grape harvest in the region. Tokaj is the most famous wine region in all of Hungary, and especially the Tokaji Aszu wine is popular and famous all across the world. But, Tokaj is much more than just sweet white wine and dessert wines, and if you decide to visit Tokaj for the Harvest Festival in 2019 you will discover that for sure.

Tokaj Harvest Festival 2019

The dates for the Harvest Festival in Tokaj in 2019 will be October 4-6.

We do not have much more information than this currently, but you can now start booking your flight tickets, find a local hotel in Tokaj, and do more preparations.

Wine festival in Tokaj

If you want to enjoy more wine experiences while in Hungary, we can warmly recommend one of our many wine programs in and outside Budapest. You can read more about the different wine dinners and wine programs at our wine tasting page.

It might be that Tokaj is the most famous wine region in Hungary, but there are lots of other interesting regions in the nation as well. For some, Eger and their famous Egri Bikaver is the symbol of Hungarian wine, while a very upcoming and popular wine region now is the Villany region. But, why taste wine from only one or two regions, when you can enjoy wine dinners and wine tastings in which you can taste wine from 5-6-7 different regions at the same event? Does that sound cool?

Where can I find the schedule for the Hungarian State Opera?

Thank you for the question. If you want to find a schedule and buy tickets for the Hungarian State Opera I recommend that you visit Jegymester. There you will find an overview of performances and you will also be able to order tickets online for any performance.

Notice that the Hungarian State Opera has a long summer break so from end of May/June until end of September there are no performances available in the State Opera. If you still want to visit the building there are guided tours every day at 15.00 and 16.00 in this period!

Enjoy and hope you find what you are looking for.

Ask your Budapest question!

Do you have the dates for the 2013 Budapest Wine Festival?

Thank you for the question. As we received your question we did not really have the answer to your question, but after digging around and writing to the people arranging the Budapest Wine Festival we got an answer. In 2012 the Wine Festival will be arranged from September 12th to 16th, and according to the information we have been given it will be arranged from September 11th-15th in 2013. So, if you have the chance it is just to make ready, order your flight tickets and the hotel, and get ready for a wonderful wine festival in Budapest in 2013 as well.

The International Wine Festival is in fact one of the most popular festivals arranged in Budapest and Hungary every year. You can not compare it to a festival such as the Sziget Festival, which is an event with live music and concerts and with a totally different focus, but as a inner city festival with champagne and wine in focus, this is far larger than similar festivals such as the Palinka and Sausage festival and other cool festivals.

For more information about the wine festival, we suggest you visit the festival we have dedicated to the wine festival which can be found at the following page.

The wine festival is normally arranged in the Castle area of Budapest, on the terrace in front of the castle looking towards the Danube and on the backside of the Castle where you can find the Buda hills. This is also the area leading into the main entrance to the Szechenyi Library and the Budapest History Museum.

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