Downtown Wine and Champagne Festival

There are plenty of opportunities if you want to enjoy a festival with great atmosphere while in Budapest. If you are a fan of wine and champagne, then there are several festivals to choose from, but one of the nicest is the “Downtown Wine and Champagne Festival” which is arranged in the center of Budapest at the Liberty square.

The festival was first arranged in 2023 and it has a lot in common with the Downtown Beer Festival, a festival normally arranged at the same location a few days after the end of the Wine and Champagne Festival. Come to Budapest for some days and you will get a chance to drink lots of wine and champagne first, followed by tasty beer a few days later. If you want to taste even more wine and champagne at a more local festival in the same period, read more about the Budafok Wine and Champagne Festival here.

The great thing about this festival is that it is in the center of Budapest and it is completely free to enter the festival area. But, if you plan on drinking wine and champagne served during the festival, you must buy the official festival glass.

In addition to giving you the chance to drink a lot, there will also be stands at the square where you can buy traditional Hungarian street food, sweets, and soft-drinks.

Downtown Wine and Champagne Festival 2024

  • Location: Liberty square (Szabadság tér)
  • Dates: August 27 – September 1.

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Are you looking for a hotel close to the festival area? It is in the center of Budapest, so any hotel or apartments close to the festival area gives you a perfect starting point for exploring Budapest. Use the map below to find something suitable to you!

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Vingardium In The City 2024

Vingardium Borliget is a popular wine festival outside the inner city of Budapest. It is very popular, and an event mostly visited by locals. Now the team behind the festival has created a new one-day festival in the inner city of Budapest named “Vingardium In The City.” The event is arranged in the fantastic Bálna Cultural Center next to the Danube, making it an event worth visiting both for the sake of tasting wine and for the sake of the location.

If you come to the festival, you can taste wine from some of the best winemakers in Hungary. This is accompanied by food created by well-known food producers in Hungary, and with artists and events happening at the stage inside the complex.

There is an entrance fee of 14,000 HUF if you pay on the spot. This includes the festival glass and a tasting opportunity from the different vineyards present at the festival (more than 20). There are also early-bird tickets available if you reserve your ticket before the festival.

Vingardium In The City 2024

Location: Bálna
Date: October 5

The location is in the so-called Bálna (whale). This is the big glass hall behind the Grand Market Hall in Budapest. As a result, it has a very central location and is beautifully located next to the Danube. You can easily travel to the event by using tram line number 2, or by using metro line four to the station Fövam tér and walking from there.

The website of the festival is only available in Hungarian, but with Google Translate, you can still find it useful:

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Vingardium Borliget 2024

Wine is about more than just drinking; it is about culture, a lifestyle, and fellowship with people. Would you like to visit a wine festival in Budapest that is very popular among locals, and not at all known among tourists? Vingardium Borliget is the place to go!

This festival is arranged in the sixteenth district of Budapest, in the beautiful park named “Erzsebetliget.” It is entirely free to enter the area during the festival, but you need to buy the official festival glass if you want to drink wine and enjoy the workshops in the festival area.

In the festival area, you will find lots of other programs as well. There is normally an escape room made for the event, there are playgrounds for children, a stage with live music, and much more.

Vingardium Borliget 2024

Dates: The event has unfortunatelly been cancelled in 2024
Location: Erzsebetlighet

How can I get to the festival area?

This is not in the center of Budapest, so you probably need some assistance to visit the festival area. The best way to visit the area is by using a taxi (at least the most convenient), but a much cheaper solution is to use public transportation.

Travel to the end station of the red metro line (Örz Vezér tér).

  • From there you either travel with HEV (green train) to the stop Imre utca,
  • or you travel by bus 176E or 276E to Hunyadvár utca.

You are now ready to visit the festival. We hope you will enjoy it. If you have further comments or questions, use the comment field below.

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Rosé and sparkling wine festival 2024

Do you like the sound of rosé wine and lots of sparkling wine? Would you like to taste this and more at a festival in the beautiful City Park in Budapest? Come to the Rosé and sparkling wine festival!

There are lots of fantastic festivals and events happening in Budapest every year. The annual wine festival in September might be the most famous wine event, but if you have a special interest in rosé wines and sparkling wine, this is the festival you should visit.

In the festival area, there will be live concerts, programs and special tents for kids, and lots of stands where you can both eat and drink.

The festival is free, but if you want to buy wine in the area, you will need to purchase the official festival glass which costs 1800 HUF.

Rosalia festival in Budapest

Rosalia festival in Budapest 2024

Location: City Park
Dates: May 31 – June 2

  • The festival area is open from 14.00 until 24.00 on Friday.
  • The festival area is open from 11.00 until 24.00 on Saturday.
  • The festival area is open from 11.00 until 21.00 on Sunday.

How can I get to the festival area?

  • Travel with the yellow metro to Hösök tere or to Szechenyi fürdő.
  • Go with bus 20E, 30, 30A, 105, 230 to Hösök tere (Heroes Square)
  • Travel with trolley bus 75, 79 to Hösök tere.

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Budapest Wine Festival 2020

When will the famous Budapest Wine Festival be arranged in 2020? We have received the question several times already, and here is the answer!

Picture from the wine festival in 2018
Picture from the wine festival in 2018 – Zsolt Szigetvary

The annual Wine Festival arranged in the courtyard of the Royal Palace on the castle hill might be the most popular of all festivals in Budapest every year (if we do not include the Sziget festival). Here you can taste thousands of different wines made by large and small wineries in Hungary, and it is a fantastic place to learn more about the Hungarian wine culture. Would you like to check it out in 2019?

Budapest Wine Festival 2020 dates

September 10-13, 2020

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Opening today – The Budapest Wine festival

The wine festival arranged at the Castle hill in Budapest is one of the biggest festivals in Hungary every year. It cannot be compared with Sziget festival (a festival that brings almost 500,000 people to the Hajogyari island), but it is still a giant event for wine lovers from within the country and coming in from abroad.

There are many people who plan their visit to Budapest based on the dates of the wine festival. In 2019, the wine festival is arranged between September 5th and September 8th, and in this period, visitors to the festival area can taste more than 5000 different sorts of wine. Here you can enjoy the famous Bikaver (Bull’s blood) from different winemakers in the Eger region (or maybe from the Szekszard region), you can enjoy lots of exclusive sweet wines from Tokaj, and there is something from everyone.

If you fear the quality of Hungarian wine (something you shouldn’t), there are also some international wines available in the festival area, just to make it even more interesting and nicer.

From the Budapest Wine Festival in 2017
Source: Facebook

The wine festival isn’t free

It would have been nice if the wine festival was free, but it isn’t. Renting the castle area for sure costs a lot, and there are lots of expenses coming together with such a festival. That is why you have to pay a daily entrance fee, or you can buy a pass for the entire festival. If you are a wine lover and want to take a deep dive into the Hungarian wine industry, the festival pass is for sure the best option. But, those who just want to have fun a day and taste a lot of wine, a one-day pass should be more than enough.

Do not forget, there are lots of other wine programs available in Budapest as well throughout the entire year. We can help with wine tasting programs, wine excursions, wine dinners, and other wine-related programs. Look around at for inspiration and information!

Enjoy the wine festival!

Budapest Wine Festival 2018

There are lots of festivals in Budapest, but the biggest and most famous every year is the wine festival in the castle area. In 2018, Budapest Wine Festival will be arranged between September 6th and September 9th.

At the Budapest Wine Festival, you can taste thousands of different wine sorts. Most of them are local wines from different parts of Hungary, but there are normally one or a few international winemakers present to present wines from their own country to the Hungarians. But, this is first of all about Hungarian wines.

From the Budapest Wine Festival in 2017
Source: Facebook

If you want to visit the festival area you will need to buy a ticket. The price of a daily ticket is 2500 HUF. If you want the specially designed wine glass, the price is 3000 HUF. Are you planning to taste a lot of wines? Maybe you should buy the four-day ticket instead. This will cost you either 4500 HUF or 5000 HUF (depending on whether you want the limited wine-glass or not).

In the festival area, there will be programs for children, meaning that you can come with your kids as well. It probably isn’t the best activity for kids for lots of hours, but if you just want to drop by and walk around for some hours, it can work. Children under 14 years can enter the festival area for free.

You can read more general information about the Budapest Wine Festival right here.

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International Wine Festival 2016

Wine festival 2016The International Wine Festival in Budapest will come back in 2016 as every other year and if you are looking for the dates for the event you will have to look no further.

The International Wine Festival 2016 will be arranged in the Buda Castle area again and the dates this year are September 8th to 11th. That is from Thursday till Sunday and that might not tell you anything, but for those of us who have been in town for a while that tells us that this years festival will be one day shorter than it has been for a very long time. Is this due to lack of visitors? Or how come that it has been shortened with one day? We do not know, but that means no wine tasting on Wednesday, only from Thursday till Sunday!

For more information about the International Wine Festival in Budapest, click the link!

Wine festival coming up in nine days

Wine festival coming upIt is only nine days left before the kick off for the annual Budapest Wine Festival arranged in the Castle Area. The event will take place from September 9th until September 13th and it is one of the biggest wine festivals in this region every single year.

As you come to the festival you can taste many of the best wines from all of Hungary, and you can also get to taste wines from Italy, so lots of reasons for us all to come and visit Budapest and the Wine festival. If you want to know more about the upcoming wine festival, visit the following article.

If you want to enjoy other cool programs in Budapest as well besides the wine festival, do not forget that we can help you out with brewery visits, wine dinners, guided tours, airport transfers and more, so read on and contact us if we can help you with anything!

International Wine festival 2015

The Budavári Borfesztivál (International Wine festival 2015) will go strong again in the start of September in 2015. Make your preparations and come visit Budapest for the annual wine festival!

Wine festival 2015

The Budavári Borfesztivál (International Wine festival ) is one of the most popular wine festivals in Budapest which is held each year at the breathtaking Buda Castle. This will be the 24th Budavári Borfesztivál which is one of the most visited wine festivals in the life of the city. Hungary is known by its wines and at the festival visitors will have the chance to try the best Hungarian wines from all over the country. At the wine festival over 200 wineries will present their most delicious wines and the festival represents all the Hungarian wine regions and the 140 different grape varieties as well.

The main goal of the festival is to show the great variety of wines to the visitors. Alongside with the wines the festival also hosts the most delicious traditional Hungarian dishes as well. Apart from the wine tasting and eating the festival offers countless programs and activities for all the visitors. During the festival multiple concerts, various performances, games and children activities are waiting for everyone.

The 24. Budavári Borfesztivál will take place in the capital city of Hungary in Budapest at the Buda Castle with a beautiful view over the Danube and the city. The festival will be held from 9th September to 13th September 2015.

Buda Castle
Budapest, Szent György tér 2, 1014

For more information on the festival check the following site. For other wine tasting programs in Budapest check the following site.