Opening times during Easter in Budapest.

Easter opening times in Budapest

Are you coming to Budapest this Easter? Are you wondering whether or not stores, museums, thermal baths, and restaurants are open? What about the river cruises? What should you expect if you come to Budapest for Easter? Will you meet closed doors, or will life be as normal?

First of all, grocery stores, restaurants, thermal baths, and museums are normally open on Sundays. But, Easter is different. Here you can read about the different important Easter days and how they influence opening times in Budapest.

Opening times during Easter in Budapest.

Opening times on Palm Sunday in Budapest.

The first day many people are curious about is Palm Sunday, the day on which Jesus came into Jerusalem on the back of a donkey. This is an entirely normal Sunday, meaning grocery stores, museums, thermal baths, restaurants, and other institutions operate with their normal opening times. As a result, almost everything is open and available on this day.

Opening times on Maundy Thursday in Budapest.

Thursday is the day of the Last Supper with Jesus and his disciples. Hungary does not give much attention to this day, meaning that life goes on as normal, giving you the chance to shop in H&M, eat cake in Gerbaud, and enjoy the hot springs in the Gellert bath.

Opening times on Good Friday in Budapest.

Good Friday has been a national holiday in Budapest for some years. As a result, all grocery stores are closed, and so are fashion stores. Luckily for tourists, restaurants and museums remain open on this day, and the same is true about the thermal baths and the boats traveling up and down the river. Cinemas are also open if you want to watch a movie. On the day after, Saturday, business is back to usual, meaning you can once again go to grocery stores and fashion stores.

Opening times on Easter Sunday in Budapest.

Easter Sunday is very identical to Good Friday. In other words, grocery stores and fashion stores are closed. Besides that, most restaurants, thermal baths, river cruises, cinemas, and similar activities operate at full power due to the large number of tourists coming to Budapest to celebrate Easter.

Opening times on Easter Monday in Budapest.

Easter Monday is identical to Good Friday and Easter Sunday. You might find some 24/7 mini grocery stores open here and there, but all the big brands (Aldi, Lidl, Spar, CBA, Tesco, Auchan) are closed. This is not a day for shopping in Zara or Pull&Bear either, but if you are eager to go shopping, you should check out the Easter market which normally is open at the Vörösmarty square every day throughout Easter.

What are normal opening times like in Budapest?

  • On a normal day, a grocery store opens at 6.00 or 7.00 and remains open until 20.00 or 21.00. Some close earlier on Saturdays and even earlier on Sundays.
  • On a normal day, a clothes store opens at 10.00 and remains open until 20.00. Many fashion stores close earlier on Sundays.
  • Thermal baths open at 6.00 or 7.00 and remain open until somewhere between 18.00 and 22.00.
  • Museums often open at 10.00 and remain open until sometime between 18.00 and 20.00. Some museums are closed on Mondays.

Other programs in Budapest

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Easter in Budapest

Easter is a great time of the year. It is not only a celebration of the death and the ressurection of Jesus Christ, but it is also a time to celebrate that the winter is history and summer is coming.

Budapest is a great city to visit during Easter, and here you can find some of the reasons as to why you should consider coming to the Hungarian capital to celebrate Easter here. For information about special programs taking place in Budapest during Easter, check our events calendar.

Easter in Budapest

Why you should celebrate Easter in Budapest

  • All shops are open on every single day, except from Easter Sunday and Easter Monday.
  • Restaurants stay open on every day during Easter
  • Museums can be visited every day, except from Easter Monday (this is not a 100% rule, but most museums follow this schedule)
  • There are lots of nice churches where you can enjoy Easter services. The most popular Easter service can be enjoyed in the St. Stephens basilica, the most beautiful church of Budapest.
  • Easter in Budapest also means Budapest Spring Festival. During this period you can listen to amazing concerts and shows in different venues around Budapest and you can also shop at the Spring Fair at the Vorosmarty square which is open during the entire Spring festival.
  • The chocolates brought by the Easter bunny is cheaper in the grocery stores in Budapest than most other cities in Europe, and much cheaper than if you buy them at Budapest Airport or any other so called „tax-free” at other airports around in Europe.
  • Hotels in Budapest are cheaper than in other big cities in Europe, so here you can stay in hotels with 3, 4 or 5 stars paying less than you would elsewhere.

What do Hungarians eat for Easter?

If you want to eat as a traditional Hungarian you need to get hold of a sugarbread (Kalacs), butter, ham and horseradish. If you eat those together with some freshly painted eggs you will be able to enjoy a real Hungarian Easter meal, typical for either breakfast or supper. Some families eat lamb in addition to what I have just described.

What do Hungarians do during Easter?

For Hungarian Easter does not mean any special holiday, since it only means a total of one more day off (Easter Monday). Therefore most people either stay at home or travel away to visit family, friends or relax in some wellness hotel. Those in Budapest who decide to stay at home might go for a little excursion on the Sunday or Monday, and then they normally visit either Normafa, Szentendre, Dobogoko or maybe do a day trip to Bratislava or Vienna.

[stextbox id=”warning”]On Easter Monday there is a strange tradition in Hungary to “surprise” ladies you know. You need to stand in front of them, tell them a certain poem and later pour bad perfume unto their hair. Beautiful![/stextbox]

Conclusion: Happy Easter and see you in Budapest!