Hot autumn in Budapest

I just read over at that Budapest experienced its hottest October 8 on record yesterday, with a high temperature of 28.5C. That is NICE! I like it at least. It is much nicer to do guided tours in such a weather, than when its blowing and freezing cold. But the winter is closing up on us, so I guess I will have to start wearing warmer clothes soon, but lets hope it will stay nice and warm for at least some more days and weeks!

For more information about the Budapest climate press the link, or for the average temperatures in Budapest, click that link!

By the way – do not forget to check out the Pálinka and Sausage festival this weekend (it started yesterday). I guess the people up there are happy about the weather.

If not, it is worth nothing that the Budapest Autumn Festival started today as well!

It’s winter in Hungary

weather budapestThe snow is lacking, but the temperature is there! Minus 11 degrees in Budapest when I woke up this morning, and in other big cities it was even colder. I noticed that it was -14 degrees in Györ, Miskolc, Debrecen and Szeged this morning at 08.00, which is cold, at least for those who are not used to temperatures as that. The average temperature in Budapest in January is supposed to be between -4 and +1 celsius, so we do not really like when it is getting below -10 celsius.

Below you can see a picture from showing what the weather should look like in the coming days! Click it for a bigger version!

weather hungary

A cold weekend coming up in Hungary

Weather HungaryWhen things go wrong, they do go wrong. And when the gas is not arriving to the nation as it should, it turns really cold. At least that is what the National Meteorological Service tells us. According to them the temperatures in Hungary (which are low already) should fall even more as the weekends closes up, and some places in the nation temperatures can reach as low as minus 20 degrees. Budapest will probably not experience such low temperatures (probably the eastern parts of Hungary will), but it might turn out to be very cold in Budapest as well!

The colder it gets, the more gas we use, and when we have limited gas supplies this might become a challenge, but let’s hope not!

At our climate page it does not seem so bad on the 10-day prognosis, but I guess our international weather tool does not give as accurate information about the upcoming weather in Hungary as the National Meteorological Service do.

Nice weather and a peaceful weekend

The demonstration at Saturday was successful (peaceful) with several thousand people participating. Yesterday the Budapest Marathon took place, and except from some angry cars (who does not like lines and closed roads) it all went perfect. The weather has been really nice lately in Budapest, except from the fact that it was quite shady Saturday.

Often people ask how cold it is in Budapest during winter, and normally we answer: “It is much colder than the temperature tells you.” Somehow the wind in Budapest can make life really cold, even when it is 5-10 degrees, so therefore if you arrive to Budapest between October and March it is always useful to bring a warm jacket, just in case!

For the upcoming ten days it is though said to stay quite warm (15-18 degrees during daytime), but there might be some clouds and maybe some rain sometimes!

Climate in Budapest and Hungary
Average temperatures in Budapest

Demonstration BudapestThe crowd walking towards the Heroes Square