Nice weather and a peaceful weekend

The demonstration at Saturday was successful (peaceful) with several thousand people participating. Yesterday the Budapest Marathon took place, and except from some angry cars (who does not like lines and closed roads) it all went perfect. The weather has been really nice lately in Budapest, except from the fact that it was quite shady Saturday.

Often people ask how cold it is in Budapest during winter, and normally we answer: “It is much colder than the temperature tells you.” Somehow the wind in Budapest can make life really cold, even when it is 5-10 degrees, so therefore if you arrive to Budapest between October and March it is always useful to bring a warm jacket, just in case!

For the upcoming ten days it is though said to stay quite warm (15-18 degrees during daytime), but there might be some clouds and maybe some rain sometimes!

Climate in Budapest and Hungary
Average temperatures in Budapest

Demonstration BudapestThe crowd walking towards the Heroes Square

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