Chain Bridge on the new 200 forint coin

LáncHíd, Originally uploaded by marcustg

The Hungarian National Bank arranged a competition not long ago where people could vote for what symbol they would like to see on the new 200 Forint coin. They received more than 200 000 votes, and more than half of them voted for the Chain Bridge in Budapest.

The new coin will earliest be used in the first quarter of 2009, while it is expected that people can use the 200 Forint paperversion (that we use now) until the end of 2009.

It is not the picture above that will be on the coin, but we can wait and see how it looks when it becomes available in 2009. If you want to read more about the oldest bridge in Budapest, we recommend you to click on the link above. There you can read more about the bridges history and events since it was first used in 1849.

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