As we wrote earlier the tickets for the AC/DC concert in Budapest were expected to be sold out very fast. And they were! There are no more tickets available, so you should either look for another concert or just visit Budapest because of the nice attractions!

AC/DC at YouTube

2 thoughts on “No more tickets for the AC/DC concert”

  1. Can anyone tell me whether ticketpro of Hungary kept a limit to tickets/person? Either the stadium is going to be packed with ignorant and irrelevant people or the black market is reaching new levels here.

  2. I do not really know about this, but normally things are working out good when TIcketPro are selling the tickets, so hopefully it will this time as well.

    If you go to the AC/DC concert article you can find a link to WorldTicketShop where you can buy Ac/DC tickets for the Budapest concert as well. Very expensive, but it is possible. Guess they bought a lot, and they are now reselling them somehow, or something like that!

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