Coffee shops in Budapest

It can be seen and felt that Budapest is on the move in the coffee market. There are more and more cafes opening, but at the same time some of them close down as well. Gloria Jeans had three coffee shops around in Budapest and lots of people enjoyed their coffee, but in March they were all closed down.

Costa Coffee opened a cafe in Nador Utca, but that was closed down as well. Now they have opened one in the start of Andrassy Avenue, a far better location, and for their sake it will hopefully bring far more customers.

Coffee Heaven is also on the move and not long ago they opened their 80th cafe around the world in Budapest. It is in the start of the Fashion Street, just by the Deák Square. They have my favorite triple chocolate muffin there and a very nice outdoor area where you can sit and enjoy your coffee.

Starbucks is not on the move, and some americans told me last week during a guided tour that some areas in America they rather close down some shops due to the financial crisis. I guess that means their entrance into the Hungary will be delayed as well!

What can be said for sure is that it is coffee time and there are plenty of places to choose between in Budapest currently!

Restaurants & Cafes in Budapest

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