Oceans Bar & Grill closing

The best place in Budapest for fresh fish and seafood is about to close. Ocean Bar & Grill wrote in an email that:

“After more than 6 years of bringing the best seafood to Budapest, Ocean bar & grill will be closing down permanently sometime between the end of May and mid June. The reason is simple really. While our many regular customers will be saddened to see the end to Ocean, unfortunately this city is still not quite ready for a quality seafood restaurant.”

For those very sad it is though said that Nobu is coming to Budapest, a luxury sushi chain. They will have their restaurant in Kempinski, and the only question is; if Oceans Bar & Grill had to few customers to stay alive, will there be a market for a much more expensive seafood restaurant?

Time will show 🙂

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One thought on “Oceans Bar & Grill closing

  1. Anonymous says:

    nem jò!!! it's not that hunzzz don't appreciate quality, but I must say that marketing in this country stinks! I know many hunzzz who love seafood and quality products! Food was fine at ocean grill but unfortunately the service was the same as in 99% of the places in Budapest, people working there because they have to; not because they enjoy what they do for a living. Nobu being a big machine might be able to train hunzzz properly into at least pretending that they know what they are doing and that they enjoy it!!! Good luck to them!:-)

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