I have been to Comics Shottail Bar

Thursdag evening my wife’s little sister celebrated her birthday in a brand new place near the Great Synagogue in Dohány utca. The name of the place is Comics Shottail Bar and it is a place full of drinks named after action heroes and with comic strips on the walls everywhere around.

To get into the Comics Shottail Bar we had to walk down quite some steps before we reached the basement where the bar is located. Some people have walked down hoping to find some sort of comics store, but this is not the place to buy comic books. The Shottail bar is the place to go for those wanting to drink interesting cocktails and drinks mixed up with different ingredients and interesting mixes.

On the menu in the shottail bar you can for example find Wolverine. This drink is made of Absolut Vodka, Creme de Menthe liqueur, lime and sugar sirup. If you are a fan of Smallville you can drink another specialty of the house made up of Absolut Vodka, Sour Apple liqueur, lime and sugar sirup. The menu is made up of similar „strange” drinks, so if you want to taste the drink called Joker, you will get a mixture of Bubble gum sirup and Tuborg green in your glass. For carpenters who miss their tools they can order a Screwdriver, and this contains Absolut Vodka and orange juice.

The list of drinks and shots and cocktails in the bar is a long one. What I did miss on the menu was though some small snacks or something to eat. If I am supposed to spend an evening in a place it would be great to be able to get a small snack, either some peanuts, a hot sandwich or something similar.

Comics Shottail Bar looks good, feels good and has a large inner space. If you want to spend one evening in Budapest drinking a lot and tasting lots and lots of different drinks, then this place is for sure a winner. But, if you want to drink in an authentic place or a so called ruin pub, then why not visit Szimpla Budapest instead?

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