Report from Christmas markets in Budapest 2012

We are in the middle of the Christmas market season in Budapest and it is easy to see that Budapest is filled up with people coming to visit the traditional Christmas markets. This kind of tourism is booming and it for sure brings some light into a rather dark season in lots of cities throughout Europe. As you keep on reading you will see lots of Christmas market pictures and read some information about the different markets! If you only want the pictures and one video, the scroll towards the bottom of the article, because that is where you can find the goodies!

The most famous Christmas market in Budapest is located at Vörösmarty square. This is the nicest one and it really brings Christmas to the people visiting. This year they have two stages, meaning you can see and hear programs at both ends of the square and lots of stands where you can buy handmade objects and of course lots of food. Our favorite is the Chimney cake, so do not miss out on it if you visit the market. Every evening a new “window” is opened on the wall of Gerbeaud and the square has a total feeling of Christmas, especially now that the trees are decorated as well (thank you Vienna for that idea)! This is probably my personal favorite, but why visit only one market when coming to Budapest?

Another market is located in front of St. Stephens Basilica and hit has an ice skating rink and quite a lot of stands for shopping and of course food of different kinds. The objects on sale are quite similar on all markets, but the atmosphere is still different. This market looks super in the evenings covered in the lights from the basilica, from the ice skating rink and from the decorations on the square. Do not miss out on this one either as you come to Budapest.

A third market is located at the Main square (Fő tér) in Budapest. This one is located by the Árpád bridge, so quite far outside the city center, but if you somehow have ended up in Ramada Plaza (hotel) or some other hotel near this area, then you should visit this. If you also feel fed up with the sound of thousands of tourist, then this is a market to visit, as this is almost 100% visited by locals. This market also has an ice skating rink and quite a lot of live shows every day from the stage. Just take a look at this clip featuring maybe the best a cappella band in Hungary (recorded last Sunday).

The wonderful thing with Budapest is that the city has lots of wonderful locations, buildings and square. So if you like the other markets, then why not go visit the City Park and enjoy the new Christmas market by the Vajdahunyad castle. The castle in itself is a majestic fairy tale palace with amazing architecture and you can just imagine the atmosphere when they add a Christmas fair to this area? Check it out yourself!

Another market is at the Franz Liszt square. If you want to combine the Christmas market with some nice food in one of the restaurants at the square and a nice mixture of locals and tourists, then this is the place. I have not personally been at this market in 2012 so far, but this is a traditional market so it has the same stuff as elsewhere, in a very nice environment.

For more information on the different Christmas markets, read our Christmas markets in Budapest article! But, now it is time for quite a lot of pictures from the different markets.

Pictures from Christmas markets in Budapest

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