Euro is still not an official currency in Hungary, and who knows if the Euro will ever become the official currency in Hungary, but still many shops and stores will let you pay with Euro. Some of the shops will even give you back in Euro, but most places with give you back the change in Hungarian Forint. Be aware of the fact that most shops accepting Euro have a quite bad exchange rate, meaning that if the actual price in HUF is 1000 Euro, they might charge you 4 Euro for the same product if you decide to pay in Euro. If you use an exact rate of today 4 Euro is 1140 HUF. It is not a super big difference, but still it makes it better to pay with the local currency.

If you want more advices and information about the local currency, read our article about the currency of Hungary.

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4 thoughts on “Can I use euros in Budapest?”

  1. Hi im from malaysia, we are coming to budapest for the 6th World Cup Taewkondo Tournament on 11-16th October 2016. what is the rate for 3 star hotel near Syma Hall in budapest? Which currency is suitable for us to use over there? is it euro or usd?

    1. Hello, the price may vary a lot, but I would check out the Danubius Hotel Arena which is the hotel nearest to the venue itself. Normally they should have nice prices! THe best currency is Hungarian Forint, but if you want to use another currency then Euro is the best..

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