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Balaton Supermarathon 2020

Are you tougher than steel, and braver than Superman? Then the Balaton Supermarathon has got to be something for you. Discover the most beautiful lake of Hungary while running on this marathon lasting for either 2 or 4 days.

All participants taking part in the Balaton Supermarathon will have to choose between one of the following contests.

  • Balaton Supermarathon: 196 km, 4 days – individual, in pair, relay for three and four
  • Half Balaton Supermarathon: 94,9 km, two days – individual, in pair, relay for three and four
Balaton Supermarathon in Hungary

Those who decide to do the entire action all by themselves will run the following paths on the given days.

  • Thursday: Siofok – Fonyod: 48,45 km
  • Friday: Fonyod – Szigliget: 52,9 km
  • Saturday: Badacsony – Balatonfured: 43, 6 km
  • Sunday: Balatonfured – Siofok: 51,3 km

Doesn’t that sound like a wonderful experience? You will not have much time to drink wine and enjoy the area, but I guess you have lots of reasons to celebrate on Sunday as you get to the finish line of the amazing Balaton super marathon.

Balaton Supermarathon 2020

March 5-8, 2020

How to register for the Balaton Supermarathon?

If you want to know more about the event and register for the event, then do so at https://balatonsupermarathon.runinbudapest.com/

It is worth registering as quickly as possible, because it gets more and more expensive the longer you wait.

Go ahead and start training. It is probably wise to gain some experience and speak to a personal trainer before going on such a marathon, at least if you don’t have long experience doing similar stunts from before.

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Mar 05 - 08 2020


Lake Balaton
Lake Balaton

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