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Puskas Futas

Puskas Arena Night Run (LED’S RUN)

Have you ever seen the Hungarian national team play a match at Puskas Arena in Budapest? It is an impressive stadium, but wouldn’t it be fun to see the stadium with your own eyes, to run at the grass, and to run up and down the stairs to see the stadium from all sorts of perspectives, both on the inside and the outside?

Budapest welcomes you to Puskas Arena Night Run, also known as LED’S RUN. This event takes places on September 30th in 2023, and it is suitable for everyone capable of running either 1,5km or 5km. The shorter distance races start around 19.00, while those running 5km start around 20:00.

Puskas Arena Night Run 2023

Date: September 30
Location: Puskas Arena

The price to participate is between 5 and 10 euros (depending on distance). You can find some more information about the event and register for the event at https://www.ledsrun.hu/.

The page is only available in Hungarian, but Google Translate is your friend. There will most likely be a chance to register for the race on the spot, but if you intend to do so, arrive early (around 18:00).

Some pictures from the event.

The event was first arranged in 2023 and we were there. Below you have some pictures from the event.


Sep 30 2023


19:00 - 21:00


Puskas Arena
Puskas Arena
Puskas Arena

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