Puskas Arena Night Run (LED’S RUN)

Have you ever seen the Hungarian national team play a match at Puskas Arena in Budapest? It is an impressive stadium, but wouldn’t it be fun to see the stadium with your own eyes, to run at the grass, and to run up and down the stairs to see the stadium from all sorts of perspectives, both on the inside and the outside?

Budapest welcomes you to Puskas Arena Night Run, also known as LED’S RUN. This event takes places on September 30th in 2023, and it is suitable for everyone capable of running either 1,5km or 5km. The shorter distance races start around 19.00, while those running 5km start around 20:00.

Puskas Arena Night Run 2023

Date: September 30
Location: Puskas Arena

The price to participate is between 5 and 10 euros (depending on distance). You can find some more information about the event and register for the event at https://www.ledsrun.hu/.

The page is only available in Hungarian, but Google Translate is your friend. There will most likely be a chance to register for the race on the spot, but if you intend to do so, arrive early (around 18:00).

Some pictures from the event.

The event was first arranged in 2023 and we were there. Below you have some pictures from the event.

Europa League Final 2023 (Roma-Sevilla)

Hungary has become a nation of major sports events. In August 2023, the country and the city of Budapest will host the Athletics World Championships, which will be the biggest event ever arranged in Hungary. But before the fastest runners in the world will come to Budapest in August, it is time for the final of the Europa League at Puskas Arena on May 31st.

A few days after the Europa League final, it is time for yet another big event in the world of handball, as the four best teams in Europe will play in the EHF Final 4 (the semi-finals and the final of the Champions League in handball for women). Maybe you should just come for a week and enjoy lots of great sports in Budapest? If you need help with different activities, booking of river cruises, a private guided tour, an airport transfer, or maybe a hotel booking, look around in our Budapest Guide for lots of inspiration and help.

Europa League Final 2023

Date: May 31st, 21:00
Venue: Puskas Arena

The final will be played between AS Roma and Sevilla. The latter has won the Europa League many times, meaning they have a very good tradition of winning this tournament. Can they beat Jose Mourinho and AS Roma just like they won Manchester United under the leadership of Ole Gunnar Solskjaear a few years ago?

Are you unable to watch the Europa League final at Puskas Arena with 65,000 other supporters in Budapest? Are you looking for a way to stream the event online? You can find more information about where to watch the match online here.

How to get to Puskas Arena?

The easiest way to get to the venue is with the red metro and then to leave the metro at Puskas Arena. Another option is to travel by car and park at Arena Plaza and walk from there. This is a great mall with a giant parking lot and it is only a few minutes on foot from the arena. Do not forget to arrive early, because it will be lots of traffic and people in the area because of the match.

Rammstein Budapest 2023

There will be two Rammstein concerts at Puskas Arena in Budapest in the summer of 2023. At first, only one concert was planned for the eleventh of July, but as tickets were sold out immediately, an additional concert was added on the twelfth of July.

Rammstein might not produce the favorite music of your grandmother. But, if you like hard rock with lots of fantastic effects, Rammstein will give you an evening you will remember for a lifetime.

The Rammstein tour in 2023 starts in Vilnius on the twentieth of May. From Lithuania, the band will travel to Finland and later to Germany, Switzerland, and several other countries before they come to Budapest. The tour will end in Brussels with a concert at the Kings Stadium on August 4th.

Would you like to buy tickets for the Rammstein concerts in Budapest? You can do so at LiveNation.

Rammstein Budapest 2023

July 11 & July 12
Puskas Arena

About Rammstein

The band was formed in Germany in 1994. The band has remained the same since its inception, and it consists of Till Lindemann (singer), Richard Kruspe (guitar), Paul Landers (guitar), Oliver Riedel (bass guitar), Christoph Schneider (drummer), and Christian “Flake” Lorenz (keyboard). The band has released eight albums. The first album Herzeleid was released in 1995, and their newest album called Zeit was released in 2022.

Euro 2020: Hungary vs France

Hungary will play against France in the European Championship in football on the 19th of June in 2021. This is going to be a match that can be compared to David against Goliath, considering that Hungary is supposed to be one of the weakest teams in the tournament, while France is the biggest favorite to win the tournament! But, it is very dangerous to underestimate an opponent in football, so this match might be way more interesting than most people expect it to be.

Hungary will play their first match in the European Championship against Portugal on the 15th of June, followed by their match against France on June 19th, and then the final match of the group stage against Germany on June 23rd. The final match will be played in Munich, so the match against France will be the last chance for the local audience to cheer for Hungary at home in Hungary.

But, on the 23rd of June, France will play against Portugal in Budapest, so that might actually be the most interesting of all the matches in the entire group stage of the European Championship, so we for sure have a lot to look forward to.

The matches in Budapest will be played at the Puskas Ferenc Stadium, the only arena that will use 100% of its capacity during the European Championship in football. In other words, more than 60,000 spectators will be present to watch Hungary play against France on June 19th.

If you want to be at the match, bring your valid ticket and a proof of vaccination (if you come from Hungary) or a proof of a negative recent PCR test, and you will be allowed entrance. The easiest way to get to the stadium is by traveling with the metro to the stop Puskas Ferenc Stadion.

Is it possible to watch Hungary – France online?
Would you like to watch the match online instead? You can find out more about how it can be in the following article.

We hope you will enjoy the match, and may the best team win (that is, Hungary!)

EURO 2020: Hungary – Portugal

Three matches will be played in Budapest during the European Championship in football in 2021. The first match will be the match between Hungary and Portugal and it will start at 18:00 on June 15.

Hungary has ended up in the hardest group in the European Championship in football. Not only will they play against Portugal, the winners of Euro 2016, but they will also play against Germany and France, two of the best soccer nations in the world.

All three matches in Budapest will be played at Puskas Ferenc Stadium. This is the only arena during Euro 2020 that will be packed to 100% of its limit, meaning that more than 60,000 spectators will watch this match live, and millions of people will watch Hungary play against Portugal online.

Are you coming from abroad to watch the match on the arena? If you have a negative PCR test dating only from a few days before the match, you will be allowed to enter the stadium. Hungarians will need a valid certificate proving that they have received a vaccine against COVID-19.

Hungary also played against Portugal in 2016

Do you remember what happened when Hungary played against Portugal during the European Championship in 2016? It was the final match of the group stage and the match ended with 3-3. As a result, Hungary won the group in front of Portugal. Unfortunately, Hungary lost their first match in the knockout stage against Belgium, while Portugal made it all the way to the final which they ended up winning.

But, knowing that Hungary won their group during Euro 2016, maybe they will be able to surprise us in 2021 as well, but this time playing in the same group as France, Germany, and Portugal.

Do you believe Hungary stands a chance against Portugal?

What is the COVID status in Hungary at the moment?

Even though we all look forward to the European Championship in football, many people are worried because of COVID. In order to enter the arena, all Hungarians are required to show a proof of vaccination. More than 50% of the Hungarian population has been vaccinated at least once, and the statistics also show that the numbers are in rapid decline.

Hopefully, the numbers will decrease even more by the time Hungary will receive people from abroad coming to cheer for their countries during Euro 2020.