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SPAR Budapest Marathon 2024

SPAR Budapest Marathon is a fantastic event for those in love with running. Not only can you run a full marathon, but there are lots of other running competitions taking place in Budapest on both Saturday and Sunday during this event.

It is possible to run as a couple, you can run a set distance on Saturday and then run more on Sunday. There are also races for children, for families, and there is even a walking competition you can be a part of during this event in Budapest.

Would you like to participate in this event? Or maybe you want to know more about the options and the different distances? You can find more information at https://marathon.runinbudapest.com/

The competitions normally start from the Pazmany Peter setany (close to the Petofi bridge on the Buda side).

Budapest Marathon 2024

Dates: October 12-13

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Is this an activity for you?

Are you used to running? If you have some experience, then you probably have a feeling about whether or not this is a task you can overcome. If running 5km makes you scared, you shouldn’t start with a marathon. Instead, start running 5km and then do a couple of races in which you run 5-6km. Later you can increase the distance and start running 10km, 15km, and maybe even try a half-marathon after some months. It is important, however, to take it step by step. Going for a marathon without the correct preparations can have a bad effect in several ways; you might get discouraged, and it is much easier to get injured.

As a result, take it step by step, and if you feel like, run in the Wizz Air half marathon in Budapest first. If you feel like it was a success, you could consider running the full marathon in Budapest later!

It is also worth remembering that several distances are available during this event. In other words, you can run even though you do not run a full marathon.

A short history lesson.

There has been arranged an annual marathon in Budapest since 1961. There was a change around 1984, and since 2009, the name-giver to the marathon is SPAR. The best time ever run in the present era in this marathon is from 1984 when Zoltan Kiss ran the distance in 2 hours and 15 minutes.

The number of participants varies each year, but it is normally between 30,000-40,000 participants running the different races.

The route starts near the Petofi bridge on the Buda side. There is no fixed route for the Budapest marathon, meaning that there are minor and sometimes bigger changes to the route every year.

What can you see while participating in Budapest marathon?

The main goal for marathon runners in Budapest is to finish the race. But while running, you will see fantastic buildings and attractions in Budapest. Some attractions you will see while running are the Hungarian Parliament, the Castle, the Gellert Hill, the Chain Bridge, the Margaret Bridge, Margaret Island, the shoes by the Danube, the Fishermen’s Bastion, the Matthias Church, and many other fantastic buildings.

Your energy will heavily influence whether or not you will be able to enjoy what you see or if all your focus will be on reaching the finish line. No matter what, the amazing atmosphere in Budapest and being surrounded by beautiful buildings and the Danube will for sure bring extra energy to your body!



Oct 12 - 13 2024


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