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Summer Olympics 2024: Where to watch the event in Budapest?

We all look forward to the Summer Olympics this summer. It will be several weeks with fantastic competitions, lots of excitement, exciting moments, unforgettable experiences, and it all takes place in the beautiful environment of the city of Paris. Why do we even write about the Summer Olympics in Paris in our Budapest Guide? Because it is an event that will influence life in Budapest this summer, even if you are a sports-freak or not!

Hungary is a sports-loving nation, and this summer is going to be a fantastic summer. Even though the Hungarians love sport, the enthusiasm is limited during the Winter Olympics (even though they got their first gold medal in a Winter Olympics ever back in 2022). But, as the sun starts to shine, the Hungarians come forth, and they are a brilliant nation that normally wins somewhere between 5-10 gold medals during the Summer Olympics. They are first of all skilled in water sports such as swimming, rowing, and water polo, but they have talents and hopes of medals in several other sports as well.

With a combination of the European Championship in football (where Hungary is playing) and the Summer Olympics, we are looking forward to a fantastic sports summer. The locals are eager to watch these events, and many tourists have a secret hope of catching a glimpse of their favorite team during the European Championship in football and of their favorite competitions during the Summer Olympics as they sit down to drink a cup of coffee somewhere in Budapest.

If you want to watch the Summer Olympics in Budapest, where should you go? This article will give you helpful information so that you can watch all the highlights from the Summer Olympics.

Where to watch the Summer Olympics in Budapest?

If you are an introvert…

If you are an introvert, the easiest way to watch the Summer Olympics in Budapest is by turning on the TV in your hotel-room or in the apartment where you live. Look for the Hungarian channel M4, as this channel will broadcast all-day long from the Summer Olympics in Paris. When there are several simultaneous events, you might want to look for M5 in addition, as this channel broadcasts events that cannot be seen on M4 (as the channel is showing some other event).

watching the summer olympics in budapest
You can watch the Summer Olympics on your TV in your hotel room in Budapest.

If you are located somewhere in Budapest without a TV, then you can turn on your computer, tablet, or phone and visit the website www.mediaklikk.hu. There you will find links to the live stream of the channel M4. As you click this link, you can watch the live stream from the Summer Olympics at the website immediately. This is only available to people in Hungary. If you are located abroad and want to stream the Summer Olympics online on M4 in Hungary or some other channel, follow the instructions in the following article.

The more, the merrier

Are you an extrovert, and you would love to be out among people as you watch the Summer Olympics during your stay in Budapest? There are several solution, and here we will share some of them.

In restaurants and cafes.

You are not the only one interested in sports. Many people working in restaurants and cafes want to watch the highlights as they work, and since guests also want to find out what’s on, many places turn on their TVs during this period so that guests can see what’s going on while eating and drinking. In other words, it is very easy to find such places in Budapest. If it is important for you to see a special event, contact the restaurant of cafe directly and ask whether they will have a TV showing the events from the Summer Olympics or not. If the answer is yes, go there. If not, go somewhere else!

Based on experience from earlier years, there are several restaurants and cafes on the Vörösmarty Tér (and nearby) with screens outdoors, making it easy to combine a break with watching the Summer Olympics.

Sports bars and pubs.

Are you a hard-core sports fan? Would you like to watch the Summer Olympics at a location 100% about sports and where you are surrounded by other sports freaks? There are several sports bars and pubs in Budapest where you can watch sports throughout the year, and even more so during the Summer Olympics. Do not forget to reserve a table if it is important for you to get a seat during a special event.

Champs Sport Pub (Dohány utca 20)

Probably the most famous sports pub in Budapest. It has more than 40 television screens, three big screens, and access to more than 50 sports channels worldwide.

Champs Sziget (Gasztro Sétány 1)

We are still speaking about the Champs brand, but this time it is on the beautiful Margaret Island in Budapest. This place has more than 25 TVs, projects, and LED walls, and is a fantastic place to combine leisure with sports (try the 5km running track around the island), and of course, watching sports.

Champs Sziget
Watching football at Champs at the Margaret Island.
Jack Doyle’s Bar (Pilvax Köz 1-3)

A fantastic Irish bar in the very center of Budapest if you want to watch sports. You only need to walk for 2-3 minutes as you leave the pedestrian street Váci utca to find this place, and it is great for eating, drinking, and cheering.

Pointer Pub (5 locations in Budapest)

If you walk around and discover a Pointer Pub, then you have found a great place. Here you can eat gigantic hamburgers, taste crispy pizzas, eat some English breakfast, or eat a traditional Hungarian wiener schnitzel. The Pointer brand has a wide selection of beers, so you will not remain thirsty if you decide to watch the Summer Olympics or some other sports event in one of these pubs.

These are some great options for sports pubs in Budapest.

How much does a beer and something to eat cost in these bars?

The prices are different between the different places, but if we look at Champs as an example, then you can buy hamburgers and main courses there at prices varying between 8 and 15 euros. If you feel thirsty, then the price of a pint of beer costs between 4 and 6 euros. If you want to keep the alcohol level down, then a bottle of Coca-Cola (0.25L) costs 2.5 euros.

Watch the Summer Olympics outdoors!

Would you rather sit outside and enjoy the sun, the amazing summer temperatures, and a gigantic screen where you can watch the Summer Olympics together with hundreds of others?

There are several locations for public screenings of the Summer Olympics in Budapest, often accompanied by small wagons where you can buy something to eat and drink.

Szabadság Tér (Liberty Square)

This popular square is in the center of Budapest, between the St. Stephen’s Basilica and the Hungarian Parliament. It is a magnificent square, and at the square you can find a large monument raised in honor of the Soviet Army that liberated Budapest in 1945. In front of this monument a big screen is normally raised during big sports events. There is a popular cafe at the middle of the square, and the buildings surrounding the square is worth taking a look at as well (since they are majestic and very good-looking).

People watching football during live screening at the Szabadság tér in Budapest
People watching football during live screening at the Szabadság tér in Budapest
Allee (Shopping center)

The popular shopping center Allee normally adds a big screen next to the center, accompanied by benches and tables. This isn’t a place with lots of tourists, but here you will meet locals watching sports, chatting, and drinking something nice next to the popular mall. You can easily get to the mall with metro line number 4 (Újbuda-központ), or by tram number 4, 18, or 47.

We will add more places to the list as the event approaches. If you have information about other public screenings in Budapest, write a comment below and we will add it to the list.

Have a great time in Budapest, and enjoy the Summer Olympics!

We hope this article will help you enjoy your days in Budapest, both as you explore the beautiful attractions of Budapest, and watch the highlights from the Summer Olympics in Paris.

For information about other things going on in Budapest, read our article: “What’s on in Budapest.”


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