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The grave of Pharaoh Amenhotep II (Exhibition)

In the year of 1898, the grave of Amenhotep II was discovered in the Valley of Kings near to Luxor in Egypt. This will be an extraordinary exhibition for those interested in Egyptian history, and especially the main room of the exhibition will be a thrill, as it will show almost a copy of the original grave chamber which was discovered during the excavations.

The exhibition was shown in a similar way in Milano in 2017, but still, this will be a completely different exhibition with different objects on display. The exhibition is divided into three different parts.

  • Statues and reliefs depicting the king and his servants and officers, and objects belonging to them.
  • The tools and objects used in daily life by the contemporary elite
  • Distinctive tombstones and objects located in the graves of other important members of the community from the same period.

Totally, more than 140 artifacts will be shown at the exhibition, and many of them are borrowed from institutions such as the British Museum, the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology, the Museum of Fine Arts in Vienna, and some others. But, if you want to check this exhibition while in Budapest, make sure to visit the magnificent Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest, located at the Heroes Square. You can easily get there using the metro as you travel to the stop Hösök tere on the yellow metro line.

Exhibition in the Museum of Fine Arts in budapest

The grave of Pharaoh Amenhotep II (Exhibition)

Museum of Fine Arts
April – July 2020 (exact dates are not announced yet)

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Apr 01 2020 - Jul 31 2020


Dates are not 100% official yet!
All Day


Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest
Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest
Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest

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