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Vingardium Borliget 2024

Wine is about more than just drinking; it is about culture, a lifestyle, and fellowship with people. Would you like to visit a wine festival in Budapest that is very popular among locals, and not at all known among tourists? Vingardium Borliget is the place to go!

This festival is arranged in the sixteenth district of Budapest, in the beautiful park named “Erzsebetliget.” It is entirely free to enter the area during the festival, but you need to buy the official festival glass if you want to drink wine and enjoy the workshops in the festival area.

In the festival area, you will find lots of other programs as well. There is normally an escape room made for the event, there are playgrounds for children, a stage with live music, and much more.

Vingardium Borliget 2024

Dates: The event has unfortunatelly been cancelled in 2024
Location: Erzsebetlighet

How can I get to the festival area?

This is not in the center of Budapest, so you probably need some assistance to visit the festival area. The best way to visit the area is by using a taxi (at least the most convenient), but a much cheaper solution is to use public transportation.

Travel to the end station of the red metro line (Örz Vezér tér).

  • From there you either travel with HEV (green train) to the stop Imre utca,
  • or you travel by bus 176E or 276E to Hunyadvár utca.

You are now ready to visit the festival. We hope you will enjoy it. If you have further comments or questions, use the comment field below.

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Jun 09 - 11 2023


All Day


Hunyadvár u. 43/c.

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