Facebook is helping tourism

Did you know that Facebook has a very important role in deciding where you go for your hollidays?  In a survey made by Skyscanner it is revealed that 52% decides where to go based on pictures other friends have uploaded to Facebook from their own hollidays. The best way to make a commercial of a place you have been is therefore to upload some pictures to your Facebook profile.

Have you been to Budapest? Would you recommend the city to others? Why not upload some nice Budapest pictures to your Facebook profile, and that might inspire some of your friends to come and visit this beautiful city along the Danube as well. And if you have some nice pictures, you can share them with us on our wall as well!

I guess this also deals with restaurants. A nice picture from a Budapest restaurant where you can see a delicious plate with even better food on, will for sure inspire friends and enemies to visit the same place as you have been.

Dont you get hungry when you see this?

Picture made in Karpatia

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