Palace Cinemas almost history

For those really following the news in Budapest and Hungary this is old news, but for the rest of us this is still “hot” news. It all started when we could not buy the Palace Cinemas “cinema-card” last weekend in Campona. We did not understand why, but said “okay” and “no problem”. Then yesterday as we went to Palace Cinemas in WestEnd we asked: “How come?” They then explained us that Palace Cinema in WestEnd is not really Palace Cinema, but Cinema City… it is only the logos remaining. So, what has happened?

Cinema City has bought Palace Cinemas, at least most of the cinemas, and they will now slowly turn into Cinema City cinemas. This is not only valid for Hungary, but also for Czech Republic and Slovakia. Cinema City paid 28 million Euro for this, and now they will reign all by themselves in Budapest. Some of the former Palace Cinemas in Budapest will remain Palace Cinema, but the most important in West End, Mammut, Campona and MOM will turn into Cinema City.

Read more about cinemas in Budapest (page will soon need an update due to these recent changes)


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